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Supreme Court question

So, I’ve been wondering this for quite some time: assuming Trump is impeached or criminally charged, what happens to the Supreme Court slot he filled with Gorsuch? Is there any provision for getting him out since he’s tainted by association with Trump, or are we just stuck with him and his conservative ilk stuffed into the lower courts too?

I realize this is probably a stupid-simple question, but I don’t know where else to ask and figured here was a good place to start.


I’ve wondered the same thing. That seat was STOLEN from the Democrats, it was President Obama’s right to have filled it, and I think there ought to be some sort of provision for reversing not only this action but everything trump has done while in office, IF (& when) his being there is proven to have been the result of illegal activity by which he “won” the election (including but not limited to the interference ran by the GOP). I’m not sure whether any current laws would address this, but if not, we need to add such a remedy to the list of “things to do post-trump to prevent any such thing from EVER happening again”.

And I also think that if Gorsuch had any sense of decency, he’d resign. Not holding my breath though…

Yeah. Maybe he’ll resign if there are actual consequences for Trump’s behavior, but I’m not holding my breath for that either.

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Lifetime appointment


There’s absolutely no recourse? Well, I suppose not, it figures.

I’m going to go drink now.

As far as I know there is no precedent for this, and a quick Google search hasn’t turned up anything useful, but I don’t think there is a method of removing him. Best I think we can hope for is that his pick is seen as so tainted that he is forced to recuse himself from all cases or otherwise resign. But I think that relies on him having a sense of shame which I highly doubt since he had no problem stepping over Merrick Garland to gleefully take the seat. Anyone of integrity would have refused and said the seat should go to him.

This is also one of the reasons that I think, for all of the corrupt stupidity of the Trump administration, no one alive I think has done more lasting harm to our democracy than Mitch McConnell. This country is demonstrably worse off for having him in the U.S. Senate.


I think we have to just look towards a hero, RBG and hope she continues serving until Trump is in prison.




lmao! For one second my brain read the subtitles [sexy RBG instrumentals]


I had the impression that Gorsuch has not been a loyal supporter of Trump’s way of handling things. That won’t affect his conservatism, but given the right circumstances, he might surprise everybody by not supporting Trump’s agenda. If I was a judge at any level, I would want to distance myself as quickly as possible and as far away as possible. Given all of the possible corruption and illegal activities going down among T’s cabinet and associates, would you really want to be considered part of his legacy? Wouldn’t that conflict a bit with perceptions of you as worthy of sitting on the Supreme Court bench? I have to think the other justices may want to distance themselves from Gorsuch for the same reason. Everything else is falling apart, why wouldn’t the Supreme Court be next on the list? And if all else fails, I’m sure T will decide he can fire him. Given how well informed T is of the law, I would not be at all surprised.


Well, there’s another thing to add to our “to do” list. :slightly_smiling_face: After all, the seat was stolen, just like the election.


Each appointment IMO would be handled by the pre-established method for dealing with an office holder that the electorate judged inappropriate. I don’t think it would be good governance to en-mass remove all appointees, what would Trumper do with that kind of power?

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Lifetime appointment, no recourse nor should there be without cause! Democracy folks. Ya win some and ya lose some. Besides, I think it was Reagan who said something like “I’ve made some mistakes and two of them are on the Supreme Court.” We do ourselves no favors by surrounding ourselves with people who always agree with us. Maybe I’m just used to losing being a libertarian and all.

May have been Eisenhower that said that. Good review of books on Ike and his relationship with Earl Warren in the new Atlantic. Ike is portrayed as not a friend of integration and trying to influence Warren on the “Brown vs Board of Education” in a way that backfired on him.

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It was Eisenhower. I know Google is hard and all, @Vee


We’re both wrong, according to Good reads it was Eisenhower. “I made two mistakes and both of them are sitting on the Supreme Court. [Referring to Earl Warren and William Brennan]
Dwight D. Eisenhower”
Thanks for commenting as I didn’t know about Johnson and now would like to read more about it :thinking:.

“I know Google is hard and all,” thanks for the encouragement. My initial instincts were not to participate (since I’m not very technically savy) and you’ve really solidified that for me. So good for you!!

If we all took a minute to research the truth behind what we spread, we’d all be better for it. We live in an environment of deliberate misinformation, so getting things correct is important.

Sorry if that isn’t the encouragement you were looking for or if it means you don’t want to participate anymore. I simply won’t let my platform be used to spread misinformation, however innocuous.

Oh, thank goodness. It’s another thing to add to the list of Reasons the Democrats Need to Retake Congress in 2018.

Big breaking news on Supreme Court

Gorsuch sides with liberal judges on mandatory deportation ruling. This decision was tied at the time of Scalia’s death, and now just being voted down.