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Targeted Tweet Resistance

Here is a usable/shareable link to the House Judiciary GOP twitter handles where #Impeachment must begin. Remember the THREE votes that saved our ACA? Me too! Let’s step the pressure up on these GOP.

Spreadsheet with twitter handles of House Judiciary Committee where impeachment begins:

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.@HouseJudiciary No Censure! Gone way beyond that now! #ImpeachTrump Obstruction of Justice/Abuse of Power! Can’t see? Get :eyeglasses:!

This tweet coupled with good graphic took off like a rocket.

Tweet resistance is only part of the #resistance program. Activism in many areas NOW including politics. A huge change must take place.

I do follow Ben Wikler and thank you!

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I know some people (maybe not those here but…) that think of social media activism is “slacktivism”. It’s totally not!

Here is a thread from Ben Wikler (from about the impact social media has and what works best, etc.

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