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Teachers should not be armed

I’ve been receiving emails for a while and following WTF bit i still can’t wrap my head around the insanity that is our government. I felt the need to speak out bc I am a teacher, my husband is a retired soldier and currently a state trooper and trained to handle active shooters. And there is no way that draft dodging mysogynistic coward would have defended any of those kids. I’m just so angry. And as a teacher, I want to teach. Not become an armed defender.


It’s really crazy that this is even being discussed. I love that Ivanka said it should be discussed and teachers who are qualified and capable should get a gun. So back ground checks for teachers then? Lunacy. Julia

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No. 1 No teacher should be required to carry a firearm at work.
No. 2 As a country we need to address “what is causing young people to take such drastic action against their peers at a school?” ( This is a longer term solution but we need to get at the root of the problem)
No 3 Children at school have quicker insights into who they are concerned about “socially”. There needs to be an immediate anonymous way for a student to report/ identify what and who their concerns are with that is fed into the local school. It would have to be monitored so it wasn’t used to harass or pick on someone.
No. 4 Security systems in schools need to be improved if the school doesn’t have one. This is going to cost some $, Legislators will balk I suspect they’ve cut the budget in my state several times for education.
This is a problem that needs immediate attention about some things to prevent short term issues and longer term solutions to get at the root of the problem.


A lot of things illicit a visceral reaction from me, but the proposal to arm teachers is… yeah. WTF.
It’s so wrong, I’m working on writing an op-ed piece about it. Hopefully I’ll share it here.