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Teenagers are running for governor in Kansas. Adults are trying to stop them

They aren’t even old enough to vote - but they are old enough to discover (and exploit) a loophole in Kansas’ election laws that allows them to run for office. They are mounting serious campaigns too - they aren’t doing it for shits and giggles.

The teenager who started this movement said in testimony at the legislature in opposition of the bill the "adults’ are trying to pass to stop the teens from running:

“Allow me to clear up a misconception: I am not running for governor as a stunt, or a gag,”

By my tally, 6 teens are running for Governor (which is 1/3 of the candidates) and 1 17-year old is running for Secretary of State, who is also the only female candidate of all the statewide races, right now. (Yes, the ONLY woman running for statewide office in KS is 17 yrs old!)


That’s just incredible that there’s no qualifications on the books for who can run…considering some of the ridiculous out-dated laws that lurk (largely ignored except for laughs) in many states & cities. I can’t blame the teens for trying, lol.

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I’ll sure be watching to see what happens. I agree, if one of them wins, I’m all for it…serves Kansas right for being so clueless. (I really do think there should be qualifications…maturity helps, as does a minimum of relevant experience and education, etc). Thank you for sharing this.

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I’m actually fine with this. Kids get undervalued and mistreated a lot by our education system. If they can mount a legitimate campaign, I don’t think there’s much to be gained from barring them from doing so.


This is awesome. If a child like Trump can get elected to office, I say give these young aspiring politicians a chance.


Exactly. Why allow age discrimination? Could a real child be ANY worse than trump? Not hardly!

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At least an actual child would most likely grow up… :rofl:

I think it’s a testament to the GOP’s stance of “limited” govt - they don’t like laws or regulations unless 100% needed. Like for example, Texas’ state legislature is only scheduled to be in session every two years. (They do sometimes have sessions in between if needed.)

Just proves that there are rules and regulations that are needed sometimes so everything isn’t alwaus reactionary! But, if any of these teens DO win - they 10000% deserve it. I couldn’t imagine how brutal campaign is as a full time thing, let alone having to go to high school at the same time!

(h/t to Preet Bahara’s podcast last week, otherwise I probably would have never heard about this. lol)