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Thank you!

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I am so fucking glad to have an outlet with sane people. Fuck Trump all day long! The state of our nation is making me insane.

(Matt Kiser) #2

Glad you’ve found us

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Thanks matt. Me too. How about two of the most hypocritical motherfuckers… Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. Remember the Clinton impeachment? So hi and mighty. So by the book. Blowjobs are impeachable! Collusion with Russia and Ukraine??? Not so much.


It’s so easy to give in to the despair or disillusionment which define our current American zeitgeist. We need outlets and communities like this one to keep us going. Thank you to its founders and administration!

(M) #5

Thanks buddy. I’ve been feeling the pain. And of course I meant Lindsay Graham above not Lohan.


:wave: I’m glad you found us. FYI you can edit posts here, unlike twitter. :unamused:

I agree with your sentiments. Fuck Mitch McConnell and fuck Lindsey fucking Graham.

(M) #7

Thanks buddy, good to know. And as far as those pieces of shit it is our duty to hold all of the GOP’rs that supported or defended trump accountable. They are FOREVER TRUMPERS. because you know what’s going to happen down the line they’re gonna be like well you know what I really didn’t agree with that bullshit he said no fuck you you are a forever Trumper.


@mobianboy You’re still here? I think you joined before I did. :trophy: Good to hear from you


@Pet_Proletariat haha, thanks! I don’t get on this forum much these days. But, I am still in the slack group all the time. :slight_smile:

(David Bythewood) #10

I may need to add more hands to this GIF of mine.

(M) #11

Lol I’m still here. I find myself in a mostly trumpian town and needed a healthy outlet as opposed to screaming at my neighbors.

(M) #12

I love it!

(David Bythewood) #13

Figured it was time for a new one.

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