The 2018 midterm election schedule, primaries, and key dates

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Work in progress wikiguide to the midterms. Help wanted!

Let’s try to make sense of the midterm elections. Share links to relevant voter guides, summaries, explainers, and major news events below.

The 2018 midterm elections, contexualized:

  • Everything you need to know about the 2018 midterm elections (NBC News)
  • What to Keep in Mind When Thinking About the Midterms (New York Times)
  • A guide to the 2018 midterm elections (Vox)
  • What you need to know right now about the 2018 midterm elections (CNN)
  • To Reclaim the House, Democrats Need to Flip 24 G.O.P. Seats. 25 Are in Clinton Territory. (New York Times)

Primary Briefing Guides

  • June 12: Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia Primaries
    • Primary Elections 2018: Five states are holding primaries on Tuesday: Nevada, Virginia, Maine, South Carolina and North Dakota. (New York Times)
    • Every June 12 primary election you should know about, briefly explained (Vox)
    • Virginia, Nevada, South Carolina, North Dakota. (FiveThirtyEight)

2018 Midterm Polls, Predictions, and Explainers

2018 Primary and Runoff Key Dates

Date Primary
February 27 Arizona special House Primaries
March 6 Texas Primaries
March 13 Pennsylvania PA-18 Special Election
March 20 Illionois Primaries
May 8 Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia Primaries
May 15 Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania Primaries
May 22 Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky Primaries
June 5 Alabama, California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota Primaries
June 12 Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia Primaries
June 19 District of Columbia Primary; Arkansas Primaries Runoff
June 26 Colorado, Maryland, New York, Oklahoma, Utah Primaries; Mississippi, South Carolina, Primaries Runoff
July 17 Alabama, North Carolina Primaries Runoff
July 24 Georgia Primaries Runoff
August 2 Tennessee Primaries
August 7 Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Washington Primaries; OH-12 special election
August 11 Hawaii Primaries
August 14 Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin Primaries; South Dakota Primaries Runoff
August 21 Alaska, Wyoming Primaries
August 28 Arizona, Florida Primaries; Oklahoma Primaries Runoff
September 4 Massachusetts Primaries
September 6 Delaware Primaries
September 11 New Hampshire Primaries
September 12 Rhode Island Primaries
November 6 Lousiana Primaries

Primary Recaps

  • June 12:
    • Primary Takeaways. (New York Times)
    • Democrats Score Special Election Upset In Wisconsin District Trump Won Big. A court had to order Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ® to call the special election because he tried to block it. (HuffPost)
    • Democrats Flip Another Wisconsin Seat, Making 43 Since Trump Inauguration. The victory follows other surprise wins by the party in conservative districts in the state this year. (Daily Beast)
    • Democrats just won a Wisconsin special election Scott Walker didn’t want to have. It’s another round of big wins for Democrats in the Badger State. (Vox)

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I love you for this considering the fact that my state’s primary is today and I didn’t start researching candidates until… uh… now.

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This is a good guideline to see where the political bubbles are. RED v BLUE. This was for 2016 election.