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The Future of WTFJHT

Hey Matt, so what is up after the election if trump loses?


Speaking for myself, that is not the end. Trump will still do all he can to contest, to cause chaos, and afterwards there is going to be a LONG discovery process in which all of the things they did behind closed doors we DIDN’T hear about will come out.


There will always be plenty of WTF moments in politics, regardless of president. I’ve always maintained that I’d keep doing this, if people keep supporting the work (hint, hint Who The F*ck Supports This? | What The Fuck Just Happened Today?). So if enough people find it to be valuable enough to optionally support the work, then that’s really the only thing that matters. I’d like to continue doing this (albeit with some slight changes), but it would also be okay to file for unemployment until I find a “real” job again.


Nah I hope this is your Career path, good luck.


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