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The Paradise Papers 🌴

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists brings us the Paradise Papers!

Since this is a global investigation with many, many stories - not all effecting Trump, I thought I’d create a thread specifically for it with some resources. Per ICIJ’s latest newsletter - there will be at least one new story daily for the remainder of this week alone.

  • Snapshot of the Investigation
  • Twitter List of all the Paradise Paper reporters
  • A guide to key terms/jargon from BBC
  • ICIJ’s website provides a comprehensive place for the latest stories so far

First up – an interactive to explore influencers within the Trump world.

From my understanding it’s because all the document leaks have to do with off-shore accounts that people/companies use as tax havens (often they are islands).

Here is a good example:

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“But if we just lowered the corporate tax rate, they wouldn’t have to exploit loopholes like this!”


(But still would)

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I really want to understand this Paradise Papers thing, but I’m already lost at the title! :cold_sweat: Where does the word “paradise” fit in? I’ll be trying to follow along here…

The scale of this is staggering. Phew.