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Thoughts on 2018 and WTFJHT

As an aging baby boomer, I think the “shock and awe” of 2017 got me and many of my like minded friends to realize that as we enter what we thought would be our most peaceful and relaxing years, was threatened and put in serious peril by the daily breaking of norms and standards of decency.

For starters, I’d like the conversation tone and narrative to change away from collusion and impeachment and let the FBI do it’s job. I will dance and sing from the rooftops, as we all will, IF he were impeached or mortally wounded politically during his time remaining in office. But let’s not get out to far over our skis.

Trump has opted to confuse the Russian meddling with collusion, and for starters, I’d like to see the narrative and discussion shift to focus on Russian meddling, and let Muller and his team do their job, and keep the politics from the House and Senate Intel committees subordinated to focus on the threats to our country.

Next, we have to insure that the so called “blue wave” sustains itself until 8pm on 11/6 which is the date of the midterms.

I get concerned that the dems will blow it and won’t be able to coalesce around non extreme candidates.
Doug Jones while pro choice and of genuine liberal values, is a true Alabamian and had that cred going for him… Even though he won by 1/2 of 1%, he still won. Dems have to recognize and respect regional differences, and not try to force overly progressive candidates, or the republicans will prevail.

There’s other concerns, but I’m most interested in what others have to say to make sure the dems take back congress in 2018, and certainly make sure we crush Trump’s desires for 2020.


Winning the 2018 midterms should be the Democrats #1 priority. We need to flip the house and hopefully the Senate, in order to contain this crazy Administration.


Personally, I’m worried about more election meddling that helps the GOP, since they are obtusely refusing to acknowledge that it took place & helped elect “twittler”, and by ignoring the danger, they’re inviting more of the same. Our nation is now at risk from within and without.