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"Today in One Sentence" in image form?

I really liked today’s “Today in One Sentence” and wished there was a meme-ish image version of it I could share on FB. So… I whipped one up in Canva.

I haven’t actually shared it on social media yet, since I’d prefer to have @matt’s blessing (or, better, an Official Version from him). What do you think of the concept? Is this something anyone else would like in order to more easily share the daily WTF word?


(sent some of this in an email, but reiterating here)

I like this a lot and would like to do this more frequently. I also own the domain names and would like to compile them in one place as well. It would be nice to get help making these every day and being able to make it a shareable “card” from the newsletter.

example of what i usually do. open to suggestions/ideas on both: