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Today In One Sentence is not just one sentence

Sorry to be That Guy, but sentences are not delimited by periods, they’re delimited by the presence of a verb in an active clause. So Today In One Sentence is actually many sentences, that just happen to have semicolons in between them.

Is this a disastrous detraction to the quality or value of WTFJHT? No, of course it isn’t. But, maybe deciding on the one and only one thing that’s the single most important point about what happened Today would be an interesting thing to do.

In other words, of the four or five things that are normally flagged in Today In One Sentence, what is the most important one of all? That would be Today In One Sentence.

As the late “presidential candidate” Pat Paulsen used to say, “Picky picky picky!” :wink:

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I could care less whether it is one or several sentences, but I love that part of the email.


Folks, don’t forget to read the middle paragraph of my original post:

Whatever, fun sponge.


First they came for the sentences, and I did not speak out - because I was not a grammar pedant.

Just read the first blurb in the daily update – the one that starts with the number “1” in front of it. :wink:

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I don’t know how you could possibly choose just one. These are strange times and there are several significant stories going on simultaneously each day. I feel totally out of the loop when I can’t catch up with the news at least a couple of times a day. And if you miss more than 24 hours (as I did this week when I was down and out with a bug), the focus seems to have drastically changed and it’s terribly confusing trying to figure out how you got from A to B to Q. I deserve a badge for playing grammar police person on other forums, but I’m willing to overlook this concern. I think semi-colons are underappreciated and often misunderstood. Matt’s using them perfectly IMHO. I’ve come to believe that the title “Today in One Sentence” is a bit tongue in cheek anyhow; there’s just no way you can describe any day in one sentence since Trump was elected.


^^^ exactly this


It is a massive run on sentence (beautifully executed) aka slog is what it is. And so many friggin’ actions, reactions, tweets, angles, not to mention the the very basic “Who did what to whom, and why it matters.” Knowing what we do about the abhorrent, reactive prez and the complete disarray within the WH of how agendas are being plotted out, coupled with a fiercely truculent R’s McConnell/Ryan “do as we say” agenda, and the quiet progress of Mueller’s team, it is such a relief to see the day encapsulated quietly in several words which we possibly could get our heads around, briefly thinking ‘oh, that’s it…that was all sort of it.’

Well, except there’s always a LOT more WTFJHT in many, many frightening ways.

'nuf said.

the title “Today in One Sentence” is a bit tongue in cheek anyhow

Is it too late for me to point out that my original post was definitely meant to be tongue in cheek in the first place…?!

Nobody likes a troll


Dude. Relax.

And this topic is now closed due to severe pointlessness.