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Trump limericks

Here are a few limericks regarding POTUS 45 and his enablers. Any others out there in WTFland?

What is the State of the Division, and
why do we treat others with derision?
The Union is weak,
and the outlook is bleak,
since Trump put us on a path to collision.

All politicians lie,
but Trump’s count is way too high.
2,000 lies in a year,
not counting his smears,
it makes us want to cry.

So why does the GOP enable,
a man who’s clearly unstable.
They pretend they’re shocked,
but good ideas they block,
and accept all of Trump’s crazy fables.

There once was a general Flynn,
that Trump’s inner circle let in.
But Flynn’s been caught,
and info he’s got,
much to Trump’s chagrin.

There once was a Gold Star designation,
that is bestowed by a grateful nation.
But Trump doesn’t care,
and blows his hot air,
treating families of fallen with indignation.

The GOP is consumed by hate,
trying to make things great.
If Obama did something
it must be a dumb thing,
and they try like hell to negate.

Trump knows most people can’t handle,
concurrent crimes and scandals.
So he piles it on
from dusk until dawn,
like a nighttime crook and vandal.

Trump feeds red meat to his base,
at a never wavering pace.
He pardoned Sheriff Joe,
and said trans troops have to go,
and the Constitution, he tries to erase.

Health insurance you are not “losing,”
instead the GOP protects “choosing.”
Who cares what it costs,
when freedoms are lost,
so health care we won’t be using.

Trump is driven by hatred and spite,
and we all know that ain’t right.
He is a troubled man,
who does what he can,
to hurt opponents, then take great delight.

We have devolved into red and blue tribes,
each with its own facts and scribes.
Take Roy Moore for example,
as one small sample,
of how poisonous are the vibes.


Love it, hope you keep writing these…no shortage of material, eh?

FYI, I shared (quoted you) to my sil, who then shared with her sister who voted for trump, hahahaha!
Maybe something will “sink in” eventually?

Trump once spewed a gale of hot gas
(As usual, for his brand of sass).
What had us confused;
This cry of “Fake news!”
Was expelled from the president’s ass.


welcome to the (limerick) club!

Thanks, I’m unreasonably proud of that one. :smiley:

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Moved this to off topic. :golfing_man:



So, no limericks from me. But how about a few parodies? If you have never heard of this guy, you’re missing a treat. Most of the music is lifted from Broadway lyrics or popular songs. His lyrics are bold, to say the least, and he has a true talent for rhyming. These are just a few of the many he has posted on His channel is Randy Rainbow - YouTube I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

All about his base: (All about the Bass) :guitar: :microphone:

The Good Old Days: (from Damn Yankees) :imp::older_man:t2:
Buttons!: (Patty Duke Theme Song) :bomb::crazy_face:
Before he Tweets: :iphone: :toilet:
How do you solve a problem like Korea?: (music from Sound of Music) :confused: :north_korea:


These are great- thanks, I needed that! He’s got a good voice & great expressions, these are very well done.

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The parodies are great, thanks for sharing.

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There once was a fellow named Trump
who on his nation took quite a huge dump.
The people said, “No!
Douchebag scoundrels must go!”
And the elephant fell with a whump.

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There once was a Head of State
Whose dishonesty refused to abate.
He always denied
All the times he had lied
Even though he can’t keep his “facts” straight.

There once was a man so orange…
Let me workshop this one.

Trump, an orange man, was he.
As orange as a man could be.
As the story unfurls;
He paid Russian girls
To disgrace his better’s bed with pee.

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I’m sorry Mr Trump but you know that it’s true-
If it weren’t for Mr Putin we wouldn’t have you!

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Okay I’m sorry but this has been driving me crazy for days. That’s not a haiku, that’s a couplet!


It’s been 49 years since I was an English major - and then I ended up with a history degree!
But it is becoming truer every day!

I’ve always considered him a gas-bag that talks out of his ass, I’m just not as poetic- thanks!

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