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Trump Re-election

It is shocking to me that that 40+% of the electorate would definitely or possibly vote for Trump. I’m seriously worried about us as a country.


I agree. It’s a serious problem. The division has become so much worse under this administration. Trump has for the most part much stayed steady at 40% approval his entire term.

I’m not sure how we fix this.


:pleading_face: Reality check:


Thanks for sharing this because we need to be alert to all possibilities and never become overconfident. Having said that, I believe this article was written by someone who simply does not have their head screwed on properly. These two sentences, early on in the article, thoroughly undermine all the “Trump will win” scenarios the author proceeds to artfully spin out:

Trump’s party managed to lose the House in 2018 despite a strong economy. So the models could wind up wrong this time around.

You betcha. We will we stay strong! :muscle:


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