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Trying not to be *too meta* here but...I've got to ask!

@matt what is the font you use for the posts on the site? I’ve been trying to figure it out foreverrrrr and I still don’t think I’ve pinpointed. I got somewhere in the realm of a Helvetica variant maybe?

Does your computer display a default system font depending on the type of operating system and web browser you use?

Newer Apple OS often defaults to variants of San Francisco depending on font size. Older Apple OSes tend to use Neue Helvetica and Lucida Grande.

Windows favors Segoe UI.

Android and newer Chrome OSes use Roboto. Older versions use Droid Sans.

Firefox has Fira Sans.

Linux variants have Ubuntu, Oxygen, and Cantarell.


John’s got the right idea. It’s setup to use system fonts – stuff on your computer already.

    "Segoe UI",
    "Fira Sans",
    "Droid Sans",
    "Helvetica Neue",

This is a great blog post on how this works and breaks down by system: