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Under the hood: WTFJHT was featured in this article for the Lenfest Insitute

Great write-up for the Lenfest “Solutions Set” newsletter:


The article seems to try to say things have calmed down. “The frenetic early days of the Trump administration.” Like it’s any different now? XD


Thanks for sharing! That was an excellent article. It gave me a real feel for what goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis as WTFJHT “goes to press.”

Thank you, Matt, for having the courage to take a huge leap of faith a year ago, giving up a steady paycheck to pioneer a new space in investigative journalism. I joined WTFJHT just a couple weeks ago and have looked forward everyday to finding out just what did happen. Thank you, also, to all the hard working volunteers (some mentioned in the article) who are vital to the site’s success.

One of the things I appreciate most about WTFJHT is the professional standards that it adheres to. Discussions are always supported with multiple links to reputable news sources that help validate the expressed opinions with established facts. (I love following the “bread crumb trails” that start for me each day here on WTFJHT.) I also like that the moderators ensure a respectful tone in all exchanges.

As I recommend WTFJHT to friends, I’ll be steering them to this article as a starting point. Cheers, and all the best to you, Matt, and the whole WTFJHT team. Onward!


Haha so true