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US in crisis - Black Lives Matter Fallout - National and local responses


He is deeply off…and hitting repeat.


Dems taking a knee…and a symbolic gesture as well as introducing legislation in the House
for a “Justice and Policing Act.” It is meant to retrain and curtail police brutality and be in direct opposition to T’s position of ‘dominate’ and be a “Law and Order” nation.

The Senate will not pass it…but Dems are putting a line in the sand on where they stand.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer were joined by two dozen lawmakers in Congress’ Emancipation Hall – named in honor of the slaves who helped erect the US Capitol in the 18th century.

They knelt for eight minutes and 46 seconds to mark the length of time a white police officer pinned his knee on the neck of the 46-year-old Floyd, whose death in Minneapolis May 25 unleashed mass protests against racial injustice.

Pelosi and the other senior Democratic leaders, accompanied by members of the Black Congressional Caucus, said their bill aimed to create “meaningful, structural change that safeguards every Americans’ right to safety and equal justice.”

The legislation seeks to “end police brutality, hold police accountable, improve transparency in policing,” a statement said.

The “Justice and Policing Act,” which introduced in both chambers of Congress, would make it easier to prosecute officers and rethink how they are recruited and trained.

Its chances of passage in the Senate, where Republicans hold the majority, is highly uncertain.

President Donald Trump, who is running for re-election in November, has accused his Democratic rival Joe Biden of seeking to “defund the police” while casting himself as the “law and order” president.

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Muriel Bowser and black women are going after Trump. And they’re winning.

No link needed for this one, just check out the hashtag.



What they say they are doing and what they actually do.

Video timeline of Trump’s St. John’s church photo op and Lafayette Square crackdown - The Washington Post

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A video timeline of the crackdown on protesters before Trump’s photo op


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How racist policing took over American cities, explained by a historian

The problem is the way policing was built,” historian Khalil Muhammad says.


T going all-in with suggesting elderly man who was pushed by police was part of Antifa, and gets OANN on the story in morning tweet. The man was a peace activist.

President Trump criticized a 75-year-old protester who was captured on video bleeding from his ear after police officers in Buffalo, N.Y., shoved him to the ground, suggesting without providing evidence that the activist could instead be an “ANTIFA provocateur.”

Mr. Trump tweeted Tuesday that Martin Gugino “was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment. @OANN I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?”

Mr. Trump appeared to be citing a report from the conservative channel One America News Network, but didn’t provide any further evidence for his claims. The White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for comments.

According to local news reports, Mr. Gugino is a longtime peace activist.

As protests over police brutality and systemic racism in law enforcement have swept the nation, Mr. Trump has been vocal in his support of police.

At the White House Monday, he said of police: “Let’s go with 99% of them are great, great people. And they’ve done jobs that are record setting.”



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William Barr Totally Blows Trump’s Bunker Cover Story

So much for the president’s claim that he was just “inspecting” the White House bunker.

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Trump on the 75-year-old protester pushed down and bleeding from his ear, with the take all bullies have: “he had it coming.”




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Top air force general shares powerful video on experience as black airman

Charles ‘CQ’ Brown nominated to become air force chief of staff

Brown speaks bluntly about racism within US military ranks



KY Governor Andy Beshear will make sure that KY provides health insurance to black population there. This is the same governor who was given a hate-crime spectacle - himself being lynched. There will undoubtedly be backlash against Beshear, but he has a huge number of Kentuckians who truly love him - his no-nonsense and caring style.

Gov. Andy Beshear on Monday announced the state will begin working toward correcting racial inequalities in health care coverage, among other areas, across the state.

During his daily updates in Frankfort the last three months, Beshear has been providing a breakdown of the racial makeup of the state’s COVID-19 cases. Throughout the crisis, cases involving black patients have outpaced the state’s black population.

“We are gonna begin an effort to cover 100 percent of our individuals in our black and African-American communities,” the governor said. “We’re gonna be putting dollars behind it.”

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President Trump tweets ‘antifa’ conspiracy theory that originated on anonymous blog

Trump suggested that 75-year-old Martin Gugino, who was pushed by two police officers at a protest, may be an “ANTIFA provocateur."

President Donald Trump tweeted a conspiracy theory on Tuesday about a Buffalo man injured by police that has circulated around fringe, far-right online media in recent days, adding to efforts from the president and other conservatives to cast protesters as part of a shadowy antifa movement.

Trump suggested that 75-year-old Martin Gugino, who is in serious but stable condition in a Buffalo hospital after being pushed by two police officers at a protest, may be an “ANTIFA provocateur” who was “scanning” police equipment when he was pushed.

The video of Gugino became one of the most-viewed examples of police violence related to the recent protests.

“Buffalo protester shoved by Police could be an ANTIFA provocateur. 75 year old Martin Gugino was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment. @OANN I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?” the president tweeted.

Trump’s claims appeared to have been ripped from a conspiracy theory that aired Tuesday morning on One America News Network, a far-right cable news channel. The theory was originally posted to an anonymous conservative blog.

One America News Network claimed that Gugino, an activist from a Buffalo suburb, was using “common antifa tactics” when he was pushed by police. OANN reporter Kristian Rouz said the incident “could be the result of a false flag provocation by far-left group antifa.”

Rouz claimed that “newly released video” showed Gugino “using a police tracker on his phone.” The video is not newly released, but merely slowed down and does not show Gugino using a “police tracker.” Rouz calls it an “old trick used by antifa,” without providing evidence or other examples.

Trump and many of his supporters have claimed with little evidence that antifa has been executing plans to cause unrest and spark violence during recent protests. Antifa, a loosely organized network of groups that use direct action to confront far-right and fascist groups, in reality has been found to have little involvement with the protests despite rumors circulating online and claims from some law enforcement officials.

Rouz, who previously worked for the Russian state media organization Sputnik, has a record of pushing baseless conspiracy theories on OANN. Last month, Rouz claimed that the coronavirus was a plot by George Soros, Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and China for “population control.”

Marc Polymeropoulos, a former CIA officer whose portfolio included Russia, said Trump was “giving a gift to the Russians.”

“It’s bad enough what he said,” Polymeropoulos said. “But it’s pretty shocking that he would quote from a known propaganda arm of Russian intelligence."

Rouz’s report about Gugino cites an article from Conservative Treehouse, a far-right blog that frequently posts conspiracy theories. The blog post claims without evidence that Gugino is a “75-year-old professional agitator and Antifa provocateur” who “was attempting to capture the radio communications signature of Buffalo police officers.” The Conservative Treehouse post is written by a user named “Sundance,” who cites their own Twitter thread as proof of the conspiracy theory.

Gugino was pushed by two Buffalo police officers and fell, appearing to hit his head hard enough to bleed from the ears as officers passed by. The two officers seen pushing Gugino, Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe, were suspended without pay and charged with assault.

Gugino’s attorney released a statement Friday requesting “privacy for himself and his family as he recovers."

Despite repeated claims by the president, Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray, “antifa” was not mentioned in the first 22 criminal cases brought against protesters nationwide. False rumors of buses full of antifa members marauding through towns have, however, flooded community groups on Facebook, police tiplines and group text messages throughout the country. One of the most widespread rumors was created by a white nationalist group posing as antifa, Twitter told NBC News.

Shortly after the president’s tweet, Republican National Committee spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington posted an even more elaborate conspiracy theory about Gugino’s fall on her Twitter account, linking to a baseless article claiming Gugino was using prop blood attached to an elaborate device. She later deleted the tweet.

Byron Brown, the mayor of Buffalo, responded to Trump on Twitter, noting that: “the City of Buffalo is laser focused on healing, taking action against racial injustice and building a good future for our residents. We pray for a full recovery for Mr. Gugino and as I have repeatedly said, the two officers deserve due process.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo also weighed in, saying there was no factual basis for the tweet and that Trump should apologize.

“How reckless. How irresponsible. How mean. How crude. I mean if there was ever a reprehensible, dumb comment,” Cuomo said. “And from the president of the United States.”




Yes. When would that happen??

Trump should apologize for calling injured 75-year-old protester ‘antifa’: Cuomo

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From Camden, NJ, a prime example of how police reform can work.

This city disbanded its police department 7 years ago. Here’s what happened next

Drag queen organizes Black Lives Matter protest this coming Sunday in Boystown - Chicago Tribune

Barr’s FBI is becoming a parody of itself.

He tweeted that he was the leader of antifa. Then the FBI asked him to be an informant.

US may be violating international law in its response to protesters, UN expert says

International human rights advocates observing how the US is handling the protests have said the US may be violating international law. The World spoke to UN Special Rapporteur Agnes

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Police slashing the tires of whole parking lots full of cars in Minneapolis.


How The Antifa Fantasy Spread In Small Towns Across The U.S.

“For lots of folks, it’s much easier to accept the idea that the only people who could be protesting the local police would be from outside the area,” McAdam explained. “It couldn’t possibly be that people of color in our community could have bad experiences with local law enforcement.” Or, for that matter, with locals in general.

“The ‘outsiders’ part of this narrative is just so important,” McAdam said. “It allows people to say, and to believe: ‘We don’t have problems in our community.’”

:pushpin: Re-upping this interview from 2017, seemed timely

Armed Militias Face Off With The ‘Antifa’ In The New Landscape Of Political Protest

August 23, 2017

DAVIES: And explain what the antifa is.

PITCAVAGE: The antifa is a collection of groups, networks and individuals, mostly from the far left or from the anarchist movement, who sort of specialize in confronting white supremacists on the streets. When white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan hold public rallies, demonstrations, protests, these people will show up to counter protest, typically in much larger numbers. And some of them will actually physically confront the white supremacists and assault them.

The idea is to chase them off the streets. It gets back to - they believe that the Nazis were able to take power because the Nazis won the battle of the streets. And they’re determined to not let that happen in the United States.


Signs which define the time spent protesting.