Vid summary of dem response to SOTU?

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Long time listener, first time caller.

There are some good video summaries of SOTU (Vox, NBC, WSJ), but I’m not finding any of the Kennedy/democratic response. Has anyone seen a good 2-3 minute factual video? Looking to show it to 8th graders in about three hours.

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(didn’t watch it; just assuming this is correct and in full)


@tedder the New York Times has clips and full versions in their video section.

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Pet and Matt, both of those are full vids (almost 13 mins). I’ll keep my eyes out for a good summary vid.


I know a number of different legislators etc. had things to say. Might be worth taking a few notes and comparing statements and how they were presented/what they focused on.

I know they’re 8th graders and I definitely shouldn’t be sitting here trying to write your lesson plan… but it’s never too early to take look at spin, even within the same party/group, and how it affects what they hear and the information they consume.