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McGahn cooperating. White House Counsel Don McGahn has cooperated "extensively" with Mueller's investigation, sitting for at least three voluntary interviews totaling 30 hours. Sources report McGahn discussed multiple episodes involved in potential obstruction of justice charges, including Trump's firing of Comey and pressuring of Sessions to revoke his own recusal from Russia probes.

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Yes thank you for this post! It’s so helpful to see all the pieces on the board.

This has been bugging me, I truly don’t understand Rand Paul’s interest in Russian diplomacy. What could be his motivation here? Anyone else care to venture into speculation? His alignment as a libertarian seems strange to me but then again maybe I don’t really understand the motivation behind libertarianism. Enlighten me please!


It’s weird right? Why would a libertarian support Russian diplomatic efforts, when their ideals seem completely at odds with one another. You may be correct in assuming that this is only for personal gain. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Best I can figure Libertarianism is a survival of the fittest party. Free market no rules, no bank regulation, you want to exclude blacks, gays, women go for it. No public education, it leads to indoctrination of the young. No occupational licensing e.g. doctor, dentist lawyer, that should all be voluntary. No income tax, social security, medicare, medicaid etc., you are responsible for yourself. How we pay for defense without taxes doesn’t seem to be covered in the Libertarian Platform

Russia is only libertarian if you are a member of the 1% and then only up to the point the president for life permits it and you don’t try to cross him. Everyone else is regulated, no right to guns etc. Courts do what Putin tells them to.

  1. Is Rand considering a run for President? Lining up support? Showing his diplomacy skills?

  2. Is he looking for business opportunities? Lots of money, legally.

  3. Is it all a suck up to Trump exercise?

  4. All of the above?