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Week of Oct 14 – 20

Last week in one sentence: Mueller's team is investigating connections between Wikileaks, Roger Stone, Peter Smith, and Jerome Corsi; Paul Manafort has been spotted at Mueller's offices at least nine times in the past month; the Russian billionaire behind the Trump Tower meeting created an American shell company anonymously just a month before the meeting took place; 11 days later, Agalarov moved $19.5 million from an offshore investment vehicle using the same name as the shell company to a US bank account; the Department of Justice charged a Russian national with conspiracy to defraud the US; Michael Cohen met with state and federal officials investigating the Trump Organization and the Trump Foundation; Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, dubbed Putin's favorite congressman, said in an interview he "knows" Russia did not hack the DNC or other Democrats because Julian Assange "personally" assured him and claimed to have proof Russia wasn't responsible; the Department of Homeland Security is reporting "a growing volume of cyber activity targeting election infrastructure in 2018."

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