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Week of Sept 2 - 8

Last Week In One Sentence: Paul Manafort tried to negotiate a plea deal and avoid a second trial; George Papadopoulos was sentenced to 14 days in jail for lying to the FBI; Papadopoulos stated Trump's team was "fully aware" he was actively attempting to set up a Trump-Putin meeting when Trump was a candidate; DNC lawyers revealed that Joseph Mifsud, the London-based professor who told Papadopoulos of Russian "dirt" on Hillary Clinton, may be dead; Senator Chuck Grassley tried to bypass a judge to obtain Christopher Steele's deposition and discovery items from the Russian tech executive suing him in a civil case for defamation; the judge declined to release the information; a group of Republicans called on Trump to declassify sensitive documents related to Mueller's probe and make other documents public related to Bruce Ohr; New York federal prosecutors are looking into whether executives and officials in the Trump Organization violated campaign finance laws.

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