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Week of Sept 23 - 29

Last Week In One Sentence: A Russian-born American businessman who gave Trump's campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars emailed a Kremlin official in July 2016 offering to brief him on the campaign; Rod Rosenstein was briefly rumored to be fired/to have resigned, but retains his job for now; Rob Goldstone, key to setting up the Trump Tower meeting, said Mueller's team asked him many questions about the relationship between Trump and the Agalarovs; Randy Credico said Roger Stone offered to help pay his legal fees because "he wanted me to be quiet" and "go along with his narrative"; one of the two men suspected of poisoning Sergei Skripal has been identified as a Russian intelligence officer awarded a prestigious medal by Putin; Rand Paul introduced an amendment that would lift sanctions on Russian lawmakers; and a federal judge ruled that a lawsuit against Trump for doing business with foreign governments will be allowed to proceed.

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