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West Virginia Governor to Switch from Democrat to Republican

So this is happening at Trump’s rally in Huntington, WV tonight.

This is wrong! I am sure the people of W Virginia believed they were electing a Democrat to be their governor. How can this be allowed?

Governer Jim Justice made billions in coal mining and used to be a Republican. My guess is that he wants on the Trump coal train.

This reminds me yet again that I wish Stephen Colbert had registered the Colbert character as a Republican for a presidential run, Rs would have believed that was real (White House Correspondents Dinner, anyone?:joy_cat:) and the liberal minded folks would vote for him too bc hello it’s Colbert. And just not even plan on running for reelection, get shit done in 4 years and bow the fuck out.

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Chris, it just seems fraudulent to run as a party candidate, with the party priorities likely being the reason people voted for him, and then, immediately after winning, switching allegiance

I agree. That’s one thing I respected about Bernie, he changed back to Independent when HRC won the nomination because he said he was elected as an Independent and it wouldn’t be fair.

I think the US places vastly too much importance on political parties period. It makes for lazy politics and lazier voting habits. If we ceased to have “party candidates” and simply had “candidates” it could force the voters to start to educate themselves on the voting records of the candidates running for office. That’s where the real meat of a career politician is, after all. A presidential candidate who has held political office for even a short time will have a voting record that shows you what special interest groups have them in their pocket, what their “moral conscience” (assuming career politicians actually have one) is and where they are liable to vote on issues later. Obviously, it’s harder to determine that sort of thing with the few non-politically experienced candidates we have had over the last few decades, but frankly those sort of candidates generally make their leanings known reasonably swiftly because they don’t have the same level of talent in saying absolutely nothing that means anything as their more experienced counterparts.


Party lines shouldn’t be important to voters. (i know in reality they are but…)

Having said that, they got the person they elected. In theory, he was elected based on his policy and not his party. (I know, in theory)