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What The Fuck Happened Over The Weekend?

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Top Senate Democrat Received No Advance Notice Of U.S. Strike On Iran General

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) was not aware of the Trump administration’s plan to escalate tensions with Iran by killing Qassem Soleimani, an aide said.

Apparently Eric Trump knew of this, posted about it, then deleted it when he got in trouble.

China and Russia are both major allies of Iran, so starting a war with them is a bad, bad place to go, and yet that may be exactly where we are headed.

And both China and Russia are urging restraint right now. That’s normally our job. We’re the rogue nation here.

And, as always, there is a Trump tweet for everything:

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And here is Dinesh D’Souza stating the Democrats are equivalent to the government of an enemy state… and Trump re-tweeting it.

Lindsey Graham Claims He Was Briefed About Soleimani Strike During Trump Golf Trip

Pelosi demands briefing on US-Iran strike, Graham says he was informed beforehand

Trump is on a twitter rant defending having Iranian General Qassem Soleimani killed. The argument: “he was a bad man so we’re not sorry he’s gone.” This entirely ignores that the method was illegal, a violation of federal AND international law. Two wrongs do not make a right.

I am posting this article because it is relevant. Trump’s pardoning of war criminals is directly related to these new actions:

Trump pardons people accused of war crimes because he thinks war should be savage

After World War II, the U.S. military rejected the concept of “total war.” Trump embraces it.

That moment where Putin is making excuses for Trump by claiming he was set up by our intelligence community in the murder of Soleimani, just in case the “he was a bad guy, I was totally justified” argument fails.

Also related:

Donald Trump’s Worst Deal

The President helped build a hotel in Azerbaijan that appears to be a corrupt operation engineered by oligarchs tied to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

And here is Russia telling us we’re breaking the law:

Sen. Tim Kaine Files War Powers Resolution to Prevent War with Iran

This is the claim Pompeo and Trump are making for this assassination. Even if it were true, it would NOT make their actions any more legal.

Planned attacks against U.S. targets in Syria, Lebanon were reason for Soleimani strike, say officials

Targets in Syria under threat included military outposts, officials said. In Lebanon, Soleimani was allegedly planning attacks on diplomatic targets.

In other news, the Wall Street Journal continues to remind us that its editorial board loves Trump:



Thanks for posting all of this round up…it is head spinning. :exploding_head:

Will be away from the news for a few weeks (and posting)…thanks @Windthin @Pet_Proletariat @Keaton_James and @matt for rounding up all the news and keeping up with this extradinary torrent of news, impeachment hooo haaa, recent International crises with Iran which T just whipped up.

Watch Nancy slow walk McConnell down his own road of 'we do what we see is right to do."
See T splain away how much he does not want war.
See OMB possibly fess up…

And so much more…

Onward…2020’s gotta be the year T gets counter-punched.


@dragonfly9 - Wishing you the best as you are away from the news. We will miss you and will welcome your return! In the meantime, your expert sleuthing, keen eye, and perceptive analysis will be sorely missed. Cheers!

And yes, 2020 will be the year Trump is ousted – by the Senate, by the Courts, or by the People – one way or another, it will happen! :muscle:


Thanks @Keaton_James!! No stone will go unturned with this posse…hitting it daily with truth to power.



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Be well, enjoy your time off, and don’t worry, we’ll hold down the fort. I mean, I am typing this at 8:05 am on a Saturday.

Yeah, so ignore that bit. But have fun!

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The Trump Israeli-Palestinian “Peace” Plan was finally released this weekend.

It is an unmitigated disaster so bad that Palestinian officials have cut ALL ties with the U.S. and Israel, even security ones.

Palestinians cut ties with Israel and US after rejecting Trump peace plan

Trump regime hopes that a coalition of Arab countries it has built over the last several years would prevent a resolution from Arab League foreign ministers rejecting the Trump peace plan were also dashed.

When Jared Kushner on CNN accused the Palestinians of ‘screwing up another opportunity,’ he not only overlooked Israel’s own screw-ups, but entirely mischaracterized the Trump plan as an opportunity for peace

By giving Israel a greenlight to do this, it can be argued their status as a democracy is in danger & U.S. support will continue to wane as they advance a unilateral “solution” while blaming Palestinians for rejecting a poor-faith proposal.

Sign Up to Trump’s Peace Plan, Sign Away Israel’s Special Status in America

By giving Israel a green light to do whatever it wants, the Trump plan threatens its very future as a democracy. That will change how Democrats view Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship – possibly profoundly

The plan effectively lets Israel annex most of the West Bank, including many illegal settlements, while retaining full control over Palestinian lands and security to the degree Israel need not agree to even a nominal Palestinian state.


GAO probes alleged political bias in Trump’s farm bailout program (a bailout for a mess he made)

Republicans sure hate those “evil” social programs like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, but oddly will make an exception for Trump’s version of a social program that effectively bribes their constituents to vote for them. And to top it off, it’s now becoming clear that the money was distributed, not according to need, but according to who is in Trump’s pocket. :moneybag:

The U.S. Government Accountability Office is opening a review of President Trump’s $28 billion bailout for farmers harmed by his trade war amid allegations that the money was mismanaged and allocated unfairly.

The investigation came at the request of Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat, who has been vocal in her concern that the aid program was biased, providing more funds to southern states that voted for Mr. Trump and favoring large and foreign agriculture companies over small farms.

The Trump administration, which signed an initial trade deal with China last month, said the farm subsidies would end this year. The program began in 2018 as a $12 billion effort to mitigate losses for farmers who lost sales or faced retaliatory tariffs from China, the European Union, Canada and Mexico as a result of the trade war. The program grew to $28 billion last year as Mr. Trump’s conflict with China festered.

Critics have faulted the program for the formulas it used to determine payments for certain crops and for providing funds to big corporate farms. The program, which used a Depression-era fund, allowed farmers earning less than $900,000 a year to receive money if they produced one of the agricultural products that faced retaliation. The government also purchased certain products, such as apples, oranges and pork.

“It’s clear that the Trump administration’s trade assistance payments pick winners and losers rather than help the farmers who have been hit the hardest by this president’s trade policies,” Ms. Stabenow said in a statement on Friday.

Ms. Stabenow requested that the G.A.O. study why payments disproportionately went to large farm operations, if the Agriculture Department was effectively preventing fraud, waste and abuse in the program and whether the model the U.S.D.A. used to distribute payments accurately reflected trade damage that farmers experienced. Democrats have complained that the program paid subsidies to some farmers that did not need them while leaving those that were suffering from Mr. Trump’s tariff war with China without benefits.

The G.A.O. is a nonpartisan congressional watchdog that audits government programs. The agency notified Ms. Stabenow’s office in a letter transmitted on Thursday that it would take up the investigation.

Democrats are not the only ones that have expressed concerns with the farm bailout program.

Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, joined with Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey and Representative Rosa DeLauro, Democrat of Connecticut, in asking Sonny Perdue, the agriculture secretary, to investigate JBS, a Brazilian-owned meat-processing that received $67 million in bailout funds. Lawmakers raised concerns about the payments given the company’s past legal problems: In 2017, two of JBS’s former top executives, brothers Wesley Batista and Joesley Batista, pleaded guilty to corruption charges in Brazil. The brothers remain majority shareholders with control over the company.

Mr. Rubio and Mr. Menendez also asked the Treasury Department to investigate possible ties that JBS has with the government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, whom the United States does not recognize as the legitimate president.


Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit — and some new judges are causing a ‘shock wave’


This hacking by one of Katie Hill’s team may well have stolen the CA-25 House seat from Bryan Caforio, a Democrat, who was barely edged out in the primary by Hill, also a Democrat. In an alternate universe (sans shameful hacking by Hill), Caforio won the seat for the Democrats instead of Hill, and then did not resign following a scandal as Hill did. And in that universe, we the Democrats would still be comfortably holding this seat and not wasting precious resources trying to protect it in a special election. Bottom line: Election hacking must be called out and extinguished by all parties. If allowed to spread, it will rot our democracy from within. Are you listening, Mr. Trump?

Federal agents arrested a man in California on Friday on a charge of computer hacking for attacks that disrupted the website of a California Democratic congressional candidate in 2018.

The man, Arthur Dam, is married to a former fundraiser for the campaign of former Rep. Katie Hill, who won the race for California’s 25th District, according to a criminal complaint.

Hill later resigned from office after nude photos of her were published on a conservative blog and allegations surfaced of an inappropriate relationship with staffers.

Dam is accused of conducting Distributed Denial of Service attacks against one of Hill’s opponents. In such an attack, a website is overloaded with traffic, causing it to crash and go offline.

Hill said she was “surprised and disturbed” by the news.

Federal Election Commission records show Dam donated hundreds of dollars to Hill’s campaign, including one contribution with a memo line reading, “In kind: Graphic design and website security consultation.”

Democrat Bryan Caforio, a California attorney who lost to Hill in the primary by less than 3,000 votes, said he was the target of the attacks. Reports at the time said his website was compromised during a candidate debate, which the complaint notes.

The four attacks took down the website for a total of about 21 hours, according to the complaint.

“The Victim reported suffering losses, including website downtime, a reduction in campaign donations, and time spent by campaign staff and others conducting critical incident response,” the complaint reads.

(David Bythewood) #558

Trump is gaslighting again.

Basically, Robert O’Brien, a man who worked for Scott Walker and Ted Cruz before being appointed by Donald Trump as his National Security Adviser, ACTUALLY stated he had “got the information second hand”; that he has not seen any reports saying that. Meaning he’s seen nothing, likely on purpose so he can make these denials.


Judge is saying that Roger Stone may not make a statement with the words ""Judge and “bias.” In other words, he won’t be given an opportunity to spray his disinformation campaign. Don’t worry T will certainly do that.

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We have a joke in my household: loudest bird wins.

This is the primary tenet of the Trump regime, that if you shout it loud enough, it will become true.

And so Trump keeps shouting “PROMISES KEPT.”

But they are not.

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Trump tweeted out a blatant lie against Gavin Newsome this morning in a tactic designed to attack a major rival and gaslight in favor of Roger Stone.

Newsome actually declared a moratorium on the death penalty and still supports life sentences. Trump basically invoked the age-old GOP lie of “the Dems are releasing criminals!”

It’s a tactic best remembered from Bush’s use of Willie Horton against Dukakis:
Bush Made Willie Horton an Issue in 1988, and the Racial Scars Are Still Fresh

(David Bythewood) #562

Dow drops more than 900 points as coronavirus cases outside of China surge

And most frightening of all, people who get it may not get tested for fear of going broke:

Michael McFaul has a thread on Trump’s occasional talking point of “nobody is tougher on Putin than me!”

It does, of course, expose that as a total lie. Please read it:


Press conference on Saturday…T is going after the unsual suspects…

And for F’s sake…

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Coronavirus concerns come in a distant second in eastern Africa, where a second, larger wave of locusts, 20 times bigger than the first (which was already the largest in 70 years), threatens millions.

Trump Campaign Secretly Paying $180,000 A Year To His Sons’ Significant Others

Lara Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle are each receiving $15,000 per month through the campaign manager’s private company, GOP sources said, to dodge FEC rules.