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What The Fuck Happened Over The Weekend?


Yes, what kinds of remarks are we going to hear.
Blame the protesters, right?

His schedule is completely BLANK on Sunday.


Ok…so some are being targetted according to this. Ali got shot by unprovoked National Guard.




This is assault, cop pulls down his PPE mask to pepper spray him point blank. His hands were in the air.


Some quotes which ring true.

Adding this


Denver under a curfew and sending in a ton of tear gas.

Image of tear gassing

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Mad props for deescalation! Sheriff joins the march.


Releasing dogs on people…


Journalists are being targeted


Atlanta :exploding_head::sob::sob:




We are witnessing mass police brutality.


Peacefully but prepared


George Floyd death and protests nationwide: Live updates

Clashes between police and protesters continued to erupt across the country Saturday as thousands descended on the streets, pleading for justice in the wake of George Floyd’s death this week in Minneapolis.

Curfews have been put in place in many cities including Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Rochester and Miami Dade County.In Philadelphia, police cars and a Starbucks were set on fire, as protesters tried to topple a statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo.

Colorado, California, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin have all activated their state national guards to maintain order, assist police, and stop violence, governors and state officials say.

President Donald Trump also announced Saturday that the military was “ready, willing and able” to deploy in case unrest continued.


From Axios Reporter Alexi McCammond - sizes it up.


This works, this is the path. Police should stand down.

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The police have arrested another black CNN reporter, this time in New York. There is no doubt at all it was harassment.


NBC reporter…Garrett Haake