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What the fuck is even real anymore

So I saw some tweets yesterday about the crimes of Bernie Sanders and all along I’ve just been thinking he was a crazy idealistic old grandpa who can’t find his pants in the morning.
So can someone please explain like I’m five.
What crimes have Sanders, Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the Dems actually committed? Provenly? Or is this just all part of the dog and pony show? I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S FAKE NEWS ANYMORE.
Also, on the Trump train, it seems like what Trump did (agree to releasing dirt on his opponent, which I think is pretty much confirmed as having happened) is fairly normal dirty business, so maybe he really does think he’s innocent? I’m so confused. Please help.

Provide sources and links please.

Let me ask you something: Does a post published on Daily Kos by the author “Hello Dolly Llama” with no citations to real news organizations pass the sniff test to you?


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Why do conservatives hate Obama et al so much? What did they even do?

That has nothing to do with facts and everything to do with opinions. Closing this thread due to aimlessness

I saw it scrolling through my Twitter feed, and I just looked again, but can’t find that.
Here’s an example article of what I’m referring to, even though this is a pretty old one: Bernie Sanders, master criminal.

Ok that’s a fair point and my fault for picking the first Google hit. I think what I’m really trying to ask is, is there any factual basis to the people who say Dems have committed the same crimes as the GOP? And vice versa?

What are you specifically asking about?