What The Fuck Is #ReleaseTheMemo?


So, a FOX NEWS HOST is saying that because Obama’s crew allegedly spied on Trump’s campaign, Meuller has to shut down the Trump/Russia investigation.

Huh. I need to check the legal definitions of extortion and blackmail again.

And who the fuck does this asshole think he is, anyway???

It’s one of those nights when my pissed-off-o-meter is just redlining over and over again.

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Obama wasn’t wrong when he said that people who watch Fox news live in a different world than people who listen to NPR.

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^ :joy::joy::joy:

Hannity has been spending too much time reading NewsMax or whatever the current right wing news imaginarium du jour is.


Obama is correct, they live in completely separate media universe according to this media study from Harvard. How long do you think they can keep this up before the reality catches up with them?


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Have you ever wondered how less-evolved civilizations ever came up with the punishment of stoning a person to death? :zipper_mouth_face: (oops)


Surprised there’s no thread about this yet. I keep hearing about this supposed bombshell memo that purports to reveal some sort of huge leftist conspiracy against the Trump campaign but it just sounds like a whole lot of hot air.

So, what’s really in the memo? Shocking revelations? Hillary’s missing emails? The piss tape? Mitch McTurtle’s shopping list?

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Quick Explainer on the “memo”:

Nunes, who heads the powerful House Intelligence panel, put together the four-page memo based on intelligence the FBI showed him and a few of his staff, as well as Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the committee. More than 150 members of the House have seen Nunes’ memo. Scores are calling for its release, while Democrats say it is “a misleading set of talking points attacking the FBI.” (Daily Beast)

This was also in Day 365. :grin:
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Day 369

Alex Jones purportedly “leaked” the memo. Yeah, about that…



The words I would use to describe Hannity may not yet have been created, not sure what dictionary they would come from. Anyway since my spouse watches Fox News on occasion I have to endure/listen to Hannity in the background. I think Fox News is a threat to the country, such BS they spread. If you don’t know who Hannity is The NY Times Magazine did a front page piece several months ago I suspect you can find it. He isn’t a journalist, he’s an entertainer and makes millions between his radio shows and Fox program. He’s a big advocate of the military but I’m not sure he ever served. I find it hard to listen to him when I can’t turn him off. I hear Trump supporters quoting Fox News a lot they actually believe his BS.

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How can another opinion be a threat to the country?


Hannity presents his information as “facts” there is little if any attempt to show that two sides of a topic are being presented. I’ve seen similar tactics by other Fox News presenters. Individuals I know who watch Fox News present information back to others as “factual” thus spreading misleading information. This is not a good way to form a basis for decision making in a democratic society thus I conclude they are a threat to the country.


Here’s The Memo, what do you all think?


I skimmed over it.

Maybe it’s because basically everything The Memo™ purported to say had been already discussed in over the past few days, but my first thought was “that’s it?”.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I really didn’t see anything that’s new or shocking. Just a lot of inconclusive speculation and opinions presented as facts.

Oh, and it’s all centered on Carter fucking Page.

I mean, who the fuck is that guy?


Yeah this really just seems like the same whiny half-baked talking points they’ve been on about since the beginning. I’m not seeing what is so controversial, other than this being part of the “case” to try and get rid of Mueller and/or Rosenstein.


I had my own “that’s it” moment. I was hoping for new information. :confused: Carter page and the “dossier” are only two tiny pieces in a much larger puzzle.

I want explainations for the hack of DNC servers by 2 Russian intelligence agencies and the release of that info to Wikileaks. Don Jr.’s communications with Wikileaks via Twitter DM’s. George Papadopoulos’s contacts with the Russians. Michael Flynn’s negotiations with the Russian ambassador. The Trump Tower meeting. The resulting statement about the Trump Tower meeting issued by Don Jr that was allegedly written by the President and WH aides. Firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Disappointed and now we will have to watch the executive branch eat it’s own tail for weeks until this memo story dies.

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McCain’s statement on the memo is quite remarkable.



A nice point by the WaPo fact checker @GlennKesslerWP

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Since Carter Page is at the heart of this memo - important to remember his relationship with Russia+FBI dates back to 2013, way before he entered Trump’s orbit.


Good for McCain