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What We Learned in the Trump-Russia Investigation: Week of Dec 10 – 16, 2017

The GOP are trying to undermine Mueller’s probe:

  • In ‘highly unusual’ move, DOJ secretly invited reporters to view texts sent by ousted FBI agents, one of whom was on Mueller’s team (source). The texts mentioned a dislike for Trump, but also Bernie Sanders and Eric Holder (source).
  • Rosenstein was questioned by the House Judiciary Committee, where he stated there is no cause for firing Mueller. The GOP’s questions focused on casting Mueller’s probe as partisan and politically motivated. source

Mueller has obtained “tens of thousands” of Trump transition emails, including emails of Jared Kushner. Trump lawyers are attempting to claim this was illegal, though it was not. source

Coincidentally, Kushner is looking to hire a crisis public relations firm. source

Trump was reportedly offered a meeting with Putin one month after launching presidential bid, by music producer Rob Goldstone (who also set up the Trump Tower meeting). source

Trump officials were warned about Flynn at least 3 times before hiring him and at least 6 times before finally firing him. The first warning came from Obama on Nov. 10. source

In the days before his inauguration, Kushner & Priebus pleaded with Trump to believe the intelligence regarding Russia. Trump refused, despite being presented evidence from the CIA that Putin directly ordered the interference in/hacking of the 2016 election. source

While signing the National Defense Authorization Act, he objected to several measures Congress passed to toughen U.S. policy toward Russia. Specifically, he made clear his opposition to countering Kremlin ‘hybrid warfare operations.’ source

Mueller requested Cambridge Analytica hand over employees’ emails. This is should make Kushner worry, as he was heavily involved in the data targeting aspect of Trump’s campaign. source

A Russian hacker has reportedly confessed to hacking the DNC under the direction of the FSB & ultimately Putin. However, there are multiple questions surrounding inconsistencies in the original story, reported by a Russian outlet. source

The man who allegedly connected Roger Stone to Wikileaks, Randy Credico, was supposed to testify before the House Intelligence Committee, but instead pleaded the fifth. source

Mueller is looking into “whether Trump directed [Michael Flynn] to lie to senior officials, including Pence, or the FBI.” This may be his best shot at proving Trump committed an illegal act. source

Rex Tillerson, in meeting with U.S. Diplomats, says Russia ‘interfered’ in election. source

Russian propaganda accounts promoted Roy Moore. source

Manafort is to be released from house arrest, but still required to be GPS monitored. source