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Who The Fuck Has Left The Trump Administration

Given how many of them I pick up, yeah. Some of these guys are real, uh, catches.

As in they need to be caught and imprisoned!

Bill Wehrum, an Author of Trump Administration’s Pro-Coal Rules, to Leave E.P.A.


Britain’s ambassador to the United States, Kim Darroch, has resigned after a series of leaked diplomatic cables revealed he had told 10 Downing Street that the Trump administration was “inept” and “clumsy.”

The resignation, announced by the UK Foreign Office on Wednesday, came after US President Donald Trump said Monday that the White House would no longer deal with Darroch.

The ambassador made his decision to step down after seeing that Boris Johnson, the current frontrunner to replace Theresa May as British Prime Minister, had refused to support him during Tuesday night’s leadership debate, a British government official confirmed to CNN.


A State Department intelligence analyst has resigned in protest after the White House blocked portions of his written testimony to a congressional panel to exclude data and evidence on climate change and its threat to national security, State Department officials said.

The analyst, Rod Schoonover, prepared a written report citing peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and intelligence reports which conclude that climate change could have wide-rangingnational security impacts by contributing to increased humanitarian crises, competition for resources and risk of political instability.

White House officials allowed him to speak to the panel in June, but prohibited him from including evidence and data supporting his assessments in written testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence last month, according to one of the officials familiar with the matter. That cut his written testimony by half, the official said. Ultimately, he didn’t submit a written statement to the panel, unlike two other government witnesses at the hearing.


Science division of White House office left empty as last staffers depart

EDIT: I missed that this happened in June of 2017; normally I check dates.

Truth to tell, though, that they’ve gone THIS long without scientific expertise, and that it happened so SOON in Trump’s regime, makes the date on this article all the more frightening.


Acosta resigns…:boom:

  • Labor Secretary Alex Acosta said Friday he will resign amid controversy over the way he handled a sex crimes case against wealthy businessman Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago when he was U.S. attorney for southern Florida.

What Trump said about Acosta today:

“He made a deal that people were happy with, and then 12 years later were not happy with it.”

:lying_face: :lying_face: :lying_face:

What “people” were happy with the deal? The victims? No way! They didn’t even know about it. Why? Because Acosta broke the law by not informing them.


The next step is to Fox - a revolving door.


Discussions regarding Dan Coats’ tenure and that he may be ousted and maybe Nunes coming in to take the job.


Trump met with Nunes to talk intel chief replacements

President Donald Trump recently spoke to top House Intelligence Republican Devin Nunes about replacements for the country’s intelligence chief — the latest sign that Dan Coats’ tenure may be short-lived.

Nunes, who grabbed national attention with his controversial allegations of Obama administration surveillance abuses, met with Trump and other senior White House officials last week to discuss who could take over for Coats at the Office of Director of National Intelligence, according to three people familiar with the get-together.


That is SO disturbing,


NO! Not Nunes! He is such a snake!!


Wehrum is caught in his own tailpipe of unsavory activity…just another example of the worst of the worst people attached to this Administration.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general will investigate allegations that William L. Wehrum, the agency’s former air quality chief, violated ethics rules when he met with former clients from his days as a lawyer and lobbyist for the oil, gas and coal industries.

The inquiry will look into whether Mr. Wehrum’s efforts at the E.P.A. to weaken climate change and air pollution standards improperly benefited those former clients, a congressional aide said.


My God this Administration is such a s#%t show. When are Trump supporters finally going to realize that?


Dan Coats, Trump’s top intel official, to depart White House


FYI, John Ratcliffe sits on both the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees and has had full access to all the documents available.


Spinning Ratcliffe’s background to fit the bill…hmmm


U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman is resigning from his post effective Oct. 3, according to a letter first reported by the Salt Lake Tribune.

Why it matters: Huntsman is a two-term governor of Utah and former ambassador to China under President Obama who was diagnosed with cancerlast year. His resignation is fueling speculation that he may again run for governor of Utah, per the Tribune. Huntsman faced calls to resign after the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki last summer, but said he would stay on out of commitment to his colleagues and country in this “fragile” era of U.S.-Russia relations.


Kimberly Breier resigns as assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere

Kimberly Breier, the assistant secretary of state for the Western Hemisphere since October, has resigned, leaving a key vacancy at the top of the diplomatic office in charge of the Trump administration’s efforts to control immigration from Mexico and Central America, and to build stronger partnerships in South America.

U.S. officials said that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this week accepted her letter of resignation, which cited personal reasons. Her departure is expected to be announced Thursday.


I can no longer justify being a part of Trump’s ‘Complacent State.’ So I’m resigning.

Chuck Park’s resignation from the Foreign Service is effective Thursday.



This comes from The Guardian who lists issues as they come…so that is the correct artlcle…fyi

State Department suspends staffer over reported ties to white supremacist group

The State Department has suspended a staffer in its energy bureau after the Southern Poverty Law Center reported that he had ties to a white supremacist group.

The SPLC reported:

The official, Matthew Q. Gebert, works as a foreign affairs officer assigned to the Bureau of Energy Resources, a State Department spokesperson told Hatewatch. Online, and in private correspondences with other white nationalists, Gebert uses ‘Coach Finstock’ as a pseudonym. Through that alias, he expressed a desire to build a country for whites only.

‘[Whites] need a country of our own with nukes, and we will retake this thing lickety split,’ ‘Coach Finstock’ said on a May 2018 episode of ‘The Fatherland,’ a white nationalist podcast. ‘That’s all that we need. We need a country founded for white people with a nuclear deterrent. And you watch how the world trembles.’

Former State Department officials expressed shock that Gebert was able to obtain a security clearance. “If Gebert was Muslim or a person of color, it would have been caught,” Amos Hochstein, who was Gebert’s boss at the State Department, told Politico. “Neo-Nazis are not all shaved heads and tattoos, they are hiding in plain sight. I’m horrified Gebert worked for me at the State Department.“




U.S. Deputy Intelligence Director Is Out After Trump Meeting

The deputy director of national intelligence, Sue Gordon, will leave her position following a meeting with President Donald Trump on Thursday, according to people familiar with the matter.