Who The Fuck Has Left The Trump Administration


A fever over Pruitt? I’m confused. He’s awful, he shouldn’t be running the EPA or any agency at all.

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Agree, drain the swamp


Lol, the only swamp is the swamp Trump brought with him into office. :frog:

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We are on the same page. Messaging from Trumpland is falling on deaf ears but it is still very dangerous. Pruitt is the aggressor and has a green light.


A new revelation about Samantha Dravis’ resignation from the EPA: There are reports that she didn’t show up for work for three months, but was still paid. Something more is going on here than a simple resignation.


@Keaton_James All of this should result in congressional hearings at the very least. This is overwhelming. Just wow.


OK – I almost didn’t post this since the only source I can find is The Daily Mail and they’re basing their reporting on a trade journal, InsideEPA (registration required). I’ll leave it to WTFJHT moderators to decide if the sourcing on this story meets the site’s standards.

The Rob Porter scandal took yet another turn Thursday, as it was reported that the accused wife-beater was a source of damaging information about embattled EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.

Porter previously dated Samantha Dravis, a close top aide to Pruitt who has followed him to three jobs. Dravis has resigned her policy position at EPA, it was revealed Thursday, as her boss weathers a series of ethical scandals.

Dravis played a critical role in the ouster of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, who left his post after Daily Mail revealed spousal abuse allegations against him by one of his ex-wives.

I know, I know. This story should be viewed with a big dose of skepticism pending further corroboration. It’s really hard to believe the Pruitt scandal could get any swampier, but it does seem to be sinking into the stuff of supermarket tabloids.


The final paragraphs of the article in The Hill are telling:

[Michael Anton] was initially seen as a fervent advocate of the “America First” stances put forth by Trump during the campaign. He was hired to work with the first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, whose tenure was infamously short.

After Flynn’s departure, critics contend Anton aligned himself with the more moderate worldview espoused by McMaster and his allies.

“Anton got the job for one reason — he was the most pro-Trump of anyone associated with the national security area,” said one source close to the White House.

This source insisted, “He completely flipped. He was brought in because of Flynn but he became the biggest cheerleader for the McMaster faction that fought against implementing the president’s policies.”

Whether that is true or not, his departure cleans the slate for Bolton to build his own team. Monday will be Bolton’s official first day on the job.

Bolton is clearing the decks for his hawkish agenda.

BTW, this timely story was discovered because it popped up on Matt’s awesome new site: currentstatus.io.


Bolton probably wants to bring in some advisors from Fox News.


@Keaton_James You beat me to it. Lol.


The Brookings Institute is tracking the turn over in this administration. Half of Trump’s “A Team” have left since the inauguration. Check out the chart in the link provided below. :point_down:


The following chart and table reflect turnover among the most influential positions within the executive office of the president. This data is compiled and tracked by Brookings Nonresident Senior Fellow Kathryn Dunn Tenpas, who refers to this group of advisers as the president’s “A Team.” The list of positions that make up the “A Team” is based on National Journal “Decision Makers” editions, and Dunn Tenpas’s methodology is described in detail in a report she published in January 2018.

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It’s so exciting! :grin:

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one more


Another departure from the NSC, Deputy national security adviser Ricky Waddell. He is the fourth person to leave since John Bolton was named National Security Advisor.


I find this exodus of National Security Advisors to be kind of scary – like “brace yourself” scary. It appears that Bolton is ready to usher in some big changes to our national security policies and I’m admittedly apprehensive about what those changes might be. Will we be “militarily encouraging some regime changes” (aka “starting some wars”)?


@Keaton_James Actually, this happened before, right after Flynn was removed. I do agree that it seems a more little scary this time, the unknown is always intimidating, especially when it concerns the NSC. :nerd_face:

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this should be interesting…


Super rad flow charts of the state department. Just going to leave here. Good reading. :nerd_face:


Looks like Bolton’s purge is ongoing. In addition to predicting more firings, this article provides an excellent summary and analysis of the effects of Bolton’s firings thus far.