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Who The Fuck Has Testified



Ahhhhh! MY BODY IS READY :joy_cat:

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This is getting interesting…

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It’s hereeeeee…

HPSCI & Fusion GPS Transcript!

  • 1/18/18 Meeting to release Fusion GPS transcript: transcript
  • 11/14/17 Fusion GPS & HPSCI interview: transcript

And we’re off to a lovely start:

Trey Gowdy (p. 9):

“…but you also used the word “facts,” and what did you mean when you used the word “facts”?”

Oh, boy…this is a train wreck:

Page 19:

MR. SIMPSON: Yes. I mean, I know that they are - the DNC is a client of Perkins Coie. I don’t - I didn’t see it – nobody gave me a document or informed me specifically of that.

MR. GOWDY: Did you think the law firm was just doing it on their own?

MR. SIMPSON: I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question.

MR. GOWDY: Did you think the law firm was just doing it on their own?

MR. SIMPSON: Doing what? Doing –

MR. GOWDY: Opposition research into candidate Trump.


MR. GOWDY: Paying you to do opposition research into candidate Trump, did you think Perkins Coie was doing that on their own?

MR. SIMPSON: No, sir. What I’m trying to explain is that I have been in Washington for several decades, and I spent a lot of time on Capitol Hill and it was well-known to me that Perkins Coie represented the DNC.


We threw a line in the water and Moby Dick came back

:joy_cat: :raised_hands:t3: Kinda feel like I should go get a smoking jacket and sit in front of the fire swirling a tumbler of scotch to read this.



HPSCI & Fusion GPS Transcript!

Now the link says file not found! :flushed:


Yeah…wtf. It is still on CNBC thank fuck.

Gah so much rage: Comey announced the reopening of #ButHerEmails investigation, didn’t think it worth mentioning that the FBI was also investigating drumpf. Major media outlets knew too!


I know right?! What is up with the FBI during this time period?! Didn’t Harry Reid write Comey a letter that summer asking him to make the Trump investigation public? Seems like a lot of people knew but no one wanted to have that public discussion.

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I still haven’t made it through all of it (stupid work! lol)…but it’s looking like the HPSCI transcript seems to be much more plentiful in new details than the SJC did. I’m sure the fact that it seemed much less formal and he was originally subpoenas to be interviewed (which was withdrawn).

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@MissJava @Pet_Proletariat If you still can’t download it, here is a Dropbox link to download it (I was finally able to load it!):

Also, anyone using the Dropbox link to download - I apologize for my highlights! I forgot to save a “clean” copy to share!


Thank you!


ikr! It sounds like Steele was pretty fucking alarmed too.

#samesies Can NOT wait until work/errands are over today. And you’re spot on about the informality, I feel like I’m reading a fast-paced novel sometimes.

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Right?! I was up until 3am last night reading it (still not done)…because I lost track of time! I’ll have some notes shortly…it’s just mind-boggling!

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There was quite a few standout remarks from today’s hearing. I think one of the most notable was Director Wray’s comment re: the Russia Investigation in response to Senator Harris’ question.

“I’m not going to discuss the investigation in question with the President, much less provide information from the investigation to him.”

x-posting more details :point_down:t3:


Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg arrived at District Court in Washington, DC, Friday morning, where he is expected to deliver federal grand jury testimony as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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