Who The Fuck Has Testified

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A place for discussion of who has testified and their testimonies from Congressional Hearings, Mueller investigation interviews, etc.

Date Who Type Committee
8/22 Fusion GPS Closed - Transcript Senate Judiciary
10/31 Social Media - Tech Companies Open Senate Judiciary
11/1 Social Media - Tech Companies Open House & Senate Intelligence
11/2 Carter Page Closed - Transcript House Intelligence
11/14 Jeff Sessions Open House Judiciary
11/14 Fusion GPS Closed - Transcript House Intelligence
11/14 Authority to Order the Use of Nuclear Weapons Open Senate Foreign Relations
11/15 Attacks on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba: Response and Oversight Open Senate Foreign Relations
11/30 Erik Prince Closed - Transcript House Intelligence
12/6 Donald Trump Jr Closed House Intelligence
12/13 Oversight Hearing - Rod Rosenstein Open House Judiciary
1/16 Steve Bannon Closed House Intelligence
1/16 Oversight Hearing - DHS Secretary Nielsen Open Senate Judiciary
1/17 Corey Lewandowski Closed House Intelligence
2/13 World Wide Threats Hearing Open Senate Intelligence

Resource: CNN has a full interactive list of open and private hearings/interviews related to the Russia investigation(s).

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📆 What The Fuck is on the Calendar
📆 What The Fuck is on the Calendar

Holy shit @mouseam this CP testimony is amazing. The Dunning-Kruger is strong in this one. At first I thought you had gone thru and edited for emphasis on some of the more noteable statements but then I realized that’s how he wrote his own letter. :joy_cat:

I’m reading this at work so haven’t gotten very far, but I particularly enjoyed his many references to the “Dodgy Dossier,” and the handy dandy “toolbox”

(or a box made by a tool at least), and the Maya Angelou quote (which is actually just her quoting other philosophers, but OK) to demonstrate the violation of his civil rights omg I #canteven

And I’ve only read the letter he submitted, haven’t even gotten to the testimony! It’s so dramatic I ended up reading it all in Jon Stewart’s Lindsey Graham voice in my head.


I’ve actually read the entire CP testimony (and no I’m not okay) and I’ve been dying to share some of my favorite passages from it because it was just. too. much.
First off, there needs to be a drinking game in which you take a shot every single time Carter mentions that it’s actually him who was attacked. This dudes reputation should be the top priority of the federal government and should be declared a national emergency.

Moving on, one of the biggest questions I had with Page is, if the meeting had nothing to do with the campaign, why the hell did he share his travels to there with the administration? And I was so happy when they asked about it. This is what he said:
Since when has the military= politics? I’m not a veteran myself but I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t constantly message my higher ups about every aspect of my life if it was not expected of me to do. Does anybody else find this weird? Especially later when they read part of the email

Page constantly would try and talk about facts about every single aspect of the Obama/Clinton conspiracy that “destroyed his life”. Yet, when asked about Russian interference, he suddenly becomes uncomfortable with talking about things that he has no clue about. Which is typical refraction imo.
This part was super interesting to me:
So a little backstory is pretty important to understanding this. Page worked for the Trump campaign until the Dossier was released and his life was “destroyed”. At this point, he lost his job and was apparently going through his savings. Yet, he decided taking a trip to Russia was a good idea at this time?
Speaking of dossier:
He’s seriously good at refraction.
Later, you find out that he was meeting with Hungarian officials which spoiler alert: are very supportive of Russia.

He’s also very careful on how he answers. I mean, how could you forget whether or not you asked for funding with government officials? (see below)
And my personal favorite: A self-possessed scholar who travels the world to talk in front of the top economic colleges, apparently does not understand what hypocritical means. HYPOCRITICAL


That is really painful to read. I have a headache after the bit you posted.


I almost quite reading so many times but right when I was about to give up, he says something stupid and I had to keep going.
I have a feeling this is going to be a common occurrence with testimonies. Matt should hire me.

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Today’s Sessions hearing has been…uh, contentious, to say the least.

Follow along on Twitter with the hashtags #SessionsHearing and #JeffSessions.

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Thanks for the annotated tidbits! Keep it coming! :heart_eyes: Love it!

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I 2nd that! @MissJava & @michelle did excellent work on this!! I’ve only skimmed so far, I need to get mentally in that ‘place’ to fully read and actually digest it all… :worried:

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The Erik Prince/House Intelligence Committee transcript is now posted!

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The craziest part is that Don Jr is citing attorney-client privilege about his conversations with his father. (Note: he doesn’t.)

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:boom: Update on the transcript of Fusion GPS’s August interview
Rachel Maddow reported tonight that Fusion GPS’s lawyers have finished reviewing the transcript and sent it back to the committee. Senator Grassley promised back in August that he would put it to a vote in the committee to release it and would vote to release it.

We shall see if we actually get it!

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Fusion GPS is calling on Congress to finally release their transcript.

“Congress should release transcripts of our firm’s testimony, so that the American people can learn the truth about our work and most important, what happened to our democracy.”


I neeeeeeeeeed to see these…I’m trying to work on book report style of Carter page/Erik prince but I want this 21 hour transcript in front of my face and I will call in sick to work on it (bc it will make me sick, so that’s a valid call to my boss :grimacing:)

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Thanks to Senator Feinstein - we FINALLY have the Fusion GPS transcript! (At least from the 10 hours of the Judiciary committee interviews).

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re: Fusion GPS transcript

This disastrous NYT story from October 2016, just keeps on making the rounds.

As I mentioned when I was reading Collusion by Luke Harding, the story was outrageous once you put the timeline together and figure out that Steele met with NYT on the dossier PRIOR to publishing it.

Now, we learn from the Fusion GPS transcripts that the story also led to Steele no longer working with the FBI because he assumed it had been corrupted by Trump partisans.

Just imagine a timeline where NYT didn’t publish this story…:face_with_monocle:
Because it was also published the same day that David Corn from Mother Jones published the first story regarding Steele and the dossier…

Excerpts from the Fusion GPS testimony by Glenn Simpson to the Senate Judiciary Committee
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Collection of tweets uncovered gems from the Fusion GPS transcript: here

I will be updating as I come across more. :slight_smile:

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Cross linking this shizz

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I finally started reading this transcript from the beginning (instead what others are pointing out) and…oh. em. gee. The expression you can “cut the tension with a knife” is an understatement here…


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Latest update re: Fusion GPS/Congressional Interview Transcripts

Tomorrow, the House Intelligence Committee at 9am EST will take a vote on whether to release the transcript from their interview with Fusion GPS. Only a simple majority is needed in order for the transcript to be released.

Update: HPSCI could drop the transcript as early as today!

(@MissJava: get ready! :grin:)