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📆 What The Fuck is on the Calendar

Date Event Type
Mon, 3/26 - Fri, 4/6 Senate & House Recess Congress
Fri, 3/30 Passover begins
Sun, 4/1 Easter Sunday :hatching_chick:
Tues, 4/17 James Comey’s book drops :books:
Tues, 4/17 Tax Day :money_with_wings:
Sun, 4/22 Earth Day :earth_asia:
Tues, 4/24 AZ-08 Special Election
Sat, 4/28 White House Correspondents Dinner
Mon, 4/30 - Fri, 5/4 Senate Recess Congress
:eyes: A Look Ahead
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Date Event Type
Tues, 5/1 - Fri, 5/4 House Recess Congress
Sun, 5/13 Mother’s Day :family_woman_girl_boy: Holiday
Sat, 5/19 The Royal Wedding :ring: :uk:
Sat, 5/26 - Sun, 5/27 G7 Summit in Italy
Mon, 5/28 Memorial Day :us: Holiday
Mon, 5/28 - Fri, 6/1 Senate & House Recess Congress


Date Event Type
Fri, 6/8 - Sat, 6/9 G7 Summit in Canada :earth_americas:
Sun, 6/17 Father’s Day :family_man_girl_boy: Holiday
Thurs, 6/21 First Day of Summer :sun_with_face:


Date Event Type
Mon, 7/2 - Fri, 7/6 Senate & House Recess Congress
Wed, 7/4 Independence Day :statue_of_liberty: Holiday
Mon, 7/30 - Fri, 8/31 House Recess Congress


Date Event Type
Mon, 8/6 - Mon, 9/3 Senate Recess Congress


Date Event Type
Mon, 5/7 Sept 2018 Manafort trial begins (exact date: TBD) (Details) Trump/Russia


Date Event Type
Mon, 10/8 Columbus Day Holiday
Mon, 10/15 - Mon, 11/12 House Recess Congress
Mon, 10/29 - Mon, 11/12 Senate Recess Congress
Wed, 10/31 Halloween :jack_o_lantern: Holiday


Date Event Type
Tues, 11/6 Election Day :ballot_box:
Sun, 11/11 Veterans Day Holiday
Mon, 11/19 - Fri, 11/23 Senate & House Recess Congress
Thurs, 11/22 Thanksgiving Day :turkey: Holiday
Fri, 11/23 Black Friday :shopping_cart:
Fri, 11/30 G20 Summit in Argentina :earth_americas:


Date Event Type
Sun, 12/2 Hannukkah begins :menorah: Holiday
Mon, 12/17 - Fri, 12/21 House Recess Congress
Fri, 12/21 First Day of Winter :snowman:
Tues, 12/25 Christmas Day :christmas_tree: Holiday
Mon, 12/21 New Year’s Eve :clinking_glasses: Holiday

:left_speech_bubble: Congressional Hearings - Discussion Thread: Who The Fuck Has Testified
:ballot_box: NYT Interactive: 2018 Election Schedule


I love that he is doing this on that fake news network.

Awww, he canceled. That might be one of the most disappointing things I’ve heard all day. :confused:

Updated today with the latest happenings in Congress & beyond… :grin:

Don Jr’s testimony is confirmed for this Thursday.

Yeah I’m not sure I would be a happier person for seeing his nonanswers (at best).

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I’m still patiently awaiting the day this release the Fusion GPS transcript. THAT is going to be pure gold :star:

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lol speaking of Fusion GPS dossier:

Original source was CNN, but Gizmodo’s headline was way more WTF appropriate.

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Calendars post has been updated with upcoming events – most notable additions/updates are to upcoming congressional hearings!

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Senate Judiciary Committee has sent Jeff Sessions a letter on 9/20/17 with concerns about the Justice Department’s progress on implementing whistleblower protections at the FBI.

While this will be a “routine” DOJ oversight meeting, questions about Sessions’ and Trump’s interactions, conduct, and related events could potentially arise.

Sessions is scheduled to testify in front of the Senate panel on October 18, 2017.

Note: according to the article below, the hearing is not related to the Russia investigation.

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Roger Stone’s opening statement for Tuesday’s hearing was leaked. :eyes:

Update for your “Miscellaneous” calendar events:

After Trump’s travel ban 3.0 was announced, the Supreme Court has cancelled oral arguments and removed the hearing from their October 10 schedule. Both sides have to submit briefs as to whether they believe the “Muslim ban” and “refugee ban” are now, or soon will be, moot.

:calendar: Tomorrow, 10/3!

:balance_scale: Supreme Court will begin to hear arguments in the Wisconsin gerrymandering case (Gill v. Whitford)

  • “Can the Supreme Court Fix American Politics?” (NYT Editorial Board)
  • A great explainer, which encompasses links to several useful articles: “The New Front in the Gerrymandering Wars: Democracy vs. Math” (NYT Magazine)
  • Interesting article about Wisconsin’s defense: “Wisconsin Is Misusing My Research to Defend Gerrymandering” (TIME)

What’s most interesting is that ending partisan gerrymandering, is a non-partisan effort. Amicus briefs were submitted by top ranking politicians of both parties. The Brennan Center breaks down the details here.


“If our party loses the majority because of independent redistricting, we didn’t deserve it in the first place”

(Parpharsed qoute from either Arnold Schwarzenegger or my congressman Alan Lowenthal - can’t remember which!)


:date: Tomorrow at 10am EST!

5 Things to Know Before the Hearing (USA Today):

  • This is Sessions’ first committee hearing since June.
  • This is a routine oversight hearing, but topics relating to Trump are likely to come up.
  • Other likely topics: DOJ’s budget, DACA, Civil forfeiture regulations, LGBTQ protections (or lack thereof)

Here is the Committee’s livestream Link.

:point_right:t3: Also, the main calendars post has been updated with upcoming events!


:calendar: The calendars post has been updated with upcoming happenings!

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I might start including a link to this at the bottom of the daily newsletter.

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:blush: I’ve been doing what I can to keep it up-to-date and as current as possible (I typically only post letting people know it’s updated when there are notable updates).

Also, I’ve been posting reminders with “what to know” info for any major happenings – I can keep up with that if people find it useful?

Today at 2:30pm EST :point_down:t3:
Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee Hearing: Extremist Content and Russian Disinformation Online - Working with Tech to Find Solutions

This will be the social media companies lawyer’s first appearance on the hill this week. Clint Watts (founder of Hamilton 68) will also be testifying.

What You Should Know

Securing Democracy’s overview of Russia’s disinformation war

Updated: Here is an update of what we learned during today’s hearing


:v:t3: Wednesday is a double header for Congressional #TechHearings with the social media companies!

  • 9:30am EST / 6:30am PST: Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on Social Media Influence in the 2016 U.S. Elections
  • 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST: Russia Investigative Task Force (House Intelligence Committee) Hearing with Social Media Companies

:tv: Watch both hearings via C-SPAN 3’s website, C-SPAN Facebook Live or listen on C-SPAN Radio app

What You Should Know

  • Learnings & Notes from Tuesday’s hearing:
    • Facebook ended up being the primary focus of the questioning during the hearing
    • Russian activity on Facebook after the election was aimed at “fomenting discord about the validity of election”
    • Facebook admitted that political ads bought by Russia were being paid for in rubles, that they probably should have caught
    • Hearing featured the first look at the fake Russian ads that were handed over to Congress
    • Twitter found 2,752 accounts associated with the known Russian troll farm, more than 10 times the number originally disclose
  • Securing Democracy’s quick reference guide to Russia + Social media
  • More about Tuesday’s hearing can be found here

Things to Watch For :eyes:
Senator Mark Warner, who is the top Democrat on the Senate committee and former tech executive, wants to know the following:

  • How did Russia use social media & search platforms to influence the 2016 election?
  • How susceptible are these platforms to future disinformation campaigns waged by a small group of foreign hackers, trolls & bots?
  • How do they plan to work with Congress to make sure this doesn’t happen again? (Specifically on legislation like the #HonestAds Act, which they have been hesitant on)

Edit: Here is an update of what we learned during today’s hearing(s)