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Why repealing the Clean Power Plan will be hard

Great read from Vox that quite thoroughly lays out why repealing Obama’s climate rules will be as difficult for the GOP as healthcare.

I feel marginally better after reading this. :wink: (Though Pruitt is still undoubtedly gonna cause a lot of damage while he tries to circumvent the CPP.)


Yup, complacency is the Democrats worst enemy.


We need to wait and see what the Democrats wait and see, mirite

I will say this though: if you want to support (with your dollars) green practices in materials, production, and product, I cannot recommend Method cleaning products enough. I’ve done some looking into it and from what I can tell, Method is what they seem, especially if you can recycle everything. It’s harder for me to do because my apartment complex won’t recycle, but I can rest assured at least that their stuff poses minimal harm to me and my family and that the company strives to minimalize their environmental impact (and carbon footprint) in everything they do. Anything we use that I can replace with Method stuff, I am in the process of doing so.

I probably sound like paid advertising (I wish), but this is something I really care about. Even if this administration sends everything to hell in a golf cart, there are things we can do as consumers, and companies and products we can support, that will help things a long because there ARE those who take pride in meeting these goals.


One of the main things is our “unofficial” climate ambassador and CA Governor, Jerry Brown. His work with the Under 2 Coalition, his upcoming Climate Summit Meeting, just to name a few. :grin: