Why The Fuck Doesn't Donald Trump Just Resign?

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I don’t know if this would make for a good thread or not, but since I got the F-word in there, it fit in with the theme.

I hear he’s so despondent since the mid-terms that he’s gone into something like an incendiary cocoon. He’s putting a “lid” on it at 10:30AM? He won’t go to the cemeteries on 2 continents even though he believes in a Strong Military? And all he wants is a teeny tiny little parade? So unfair! Post campaign stress disorder?

If he’s worried about the Mueller thing and not sure what to do, resigning seems to be a win-win situation. He’ll probably not be prosecuted for his high crimes and misdemeanors.

Why doesn’t he just resign?


I dunno, why didn’t he just resign like a year and a half ago. I think he might be physically incapable because it would mean admitting defeat.


If he sees a threat to his “billions” I suspect he will follow the path that protects them the most.


Do you really want Pence as president? Beware of what you wish…

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Why preemptively resign when you will likely escape prosecution anyway?

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