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Will tRump shut down the federal government?

Hello WTFers! Susan here, from Seattle. I’m a retired Univ. of Washington lecturer and current climate justice activist, also involved in advocacy for unhoused neighbors.

I think tRump will do everything he can to shut down the government. He can’t help but create chaos in everything he does. He’s a total drama queen and loves to stir things up to deflect attention from Mueller’s investigation.

What do ya’ll think?


I think he will try so he can blame the democrats. It won’t be the first nor probably the last one. I had an “essential” job and worked through the shut down while Bill Clinton and Monica had time to fool around. That shows you how serious the presidents take a shut down. I expect little Donnie will just go play golf at Mar a Lago.

Don’t you think it would help (prevent government shut-downs) if the members of Congress weren’t paid during any resulting shut-downs? I do agree about trump loving the chaos…he’s working against our country, what do you expect? He’s doing everything he can to make our government fail: by appointing all those who previously fought against or tried to dismantle the agencies they now lead, or are just plain incompetent!- by wasting funds by allowing his cronies to fly private jets to meetings, & causing no end of extra expenses* for his multiple residences & “vacations” at his own properties. (*remember that the Secret Service ran out of funds & had to get more to keep up with him!). And of course he wants to waste billions on a worthless “wall”! Putin must be SO proud…

With no DACA mention and without any kind of sane, non-racist, religion neutral immigration substance, the Senate should vote the stop-gap down. Neither the House nor Senate GOP care about the CHIPS kids; naked and insidious hostage taking only. I believe that enough voters see the need, the necessity, to take a stand and will stand by Senate “no” voters. But even if they don’t, it’s still the right thing to do. And isn’t that what they’re there for, to do the right thing regardless?

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