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WTF is... Fragments of a Fractured Land

Welcome to Who The Fuck Is The Resistance, an interview series highlighting what the WTFJHT community is doing to resist and exist.

Fragments of a Fractured Land

Who are you?
I am a storymancer, artist, and activist. I am the creator of this project.

What are you doing?
I create and update an archive of scraps of current history – photographs, reports, and artifacts I witness that illustrate current events. My goal is to preserve and witness what is happening, make and preserve records, as a step toward raising awareness, consciousness, highlighting contrast, and providing social commentary that speaks for itself.

Where can people can find you?
You can find the project here:

When did you start?
I started this a few months before the election. I saw history happening around me, and felt and instinctual need to pay witness as well as try to influence events for the better if I can.

Why are you doing this?
Since months before the election, I noticed warning signs that reminded me disturbingly of Germany pre-WWII, and saw people issuing such cautions. With the breakdown of facts in the media and society’s short memory of history, it feels important to look candidly at where we are and where we’ve come from to see how to influence where we’re going. For ourselves now and for future historians looking back, these concrete bits of history might help us learn from our own current history.

How did you get started?
I keep a folder of scraps and artifacts, write down records after I attend marches, and take pictures of anything I see that feels worth preserving for this project, and then created a blog on Tumblr to host all of it.

How do you fight political fatigue?
As Neil Gaiman says, when things go wrong, “Make Good Art.” And, I would add, enjoy other people’s art too and find fun wherever you can. It’s good to take breaks, take care of yourself, and then rejoin the fight rejuvenated.

What are your three favorite books or websites you use to stay informed?