WTF needs a consumer warning: Reading this may make you physically ill

(Gail Dalmat) #1

At least today, I’m feeling ill, and wonder how much of it was today’s news. If days like these continue, it might be good to add a warning that reading may cause signs of physical illness.

(Gail Dalmat) #2

Kidding, but today I can’t tell.

(Matt Kiser) #3

lol. the header use to say “read in moderation.” maybe i’ll bring that.

(Gail Dalmat) #4

lol. Well at least you didn’t have pictures of the Trump boys hugging their dead animals, or the penis in the sky in Washington, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt.


This implies the FDA should give a warning about the Trump administration to the general public.

No …it was the thread I thought it was. Was a joke of course.

(Matt Kiser) #6

I think you’re replying to the wrong thread lol

(Matt Kiser) #7