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🔥 WTF!? T-shirts are back!

For a limited time I’m selling WTFJHT t-shirts to help raise money to support the only political newsletter that matters.

I’ve brought back the classic “flag” shirt you’ve come to know and love. And, I’m introducing a new “mascot” shirt. Shop now.


They’re $30/e and printed on premium Next Level tri-blend garments in navy, heather, and black – and they’re also available on a true-to-fit women’s shirt for the first time ever.

Whoa! Did somebody say women’s true-to-fit sizing?

I’ve heard from many WTF readers that you’d really like to see a women’s cut option. It’s truthfully been a challenge to find these in the market. But, one of the reasons why I love working with the company that prints my shirts is that they’ve been on a crusade to bring a better-fitting women’s t-shirt to market for years. In 2017, they realized that goal after successfully launching a Kickstarter to produce premium, size-inclusive t-shirts for women and men. You can read more about their mission here and more about fit and sizing here.

So say goodbye to those junior shirts and say hello to true-to-size tees – available in XS all the way to 5X! – for both men and women.

Now the frustrating part: These premium tees also cost more. One of the challenges of producing Made in the USA garments in smaller quantities is that it’s not cheap. The factory cost to produce these shirts is about $7 more per shirt, which is reflected in the $37 price (and before you ask, it’s not as simple as selling all shirts for $33 and having the standard shirts subsidize the premium ones).

I know, I know, I know. There’s been a lot of handwringing on my part over this. I agree, $37 is outrageous for a t-shirt. However, I think it’s important to offer this as one option and bring awareness to the importance of producing clothes that fit real people.

Before you roll your eyes: If $37 is too much, the Next Level tri-blend garments are available in both men and junior sizing (and to be honest, the Next Level shirts are some of the comfiest shirts I’ve ever owned). Please note that the junior shirts do run small and fit tight, so check the sizing chart before ordering.

Here’s how I think about this: First, it sucks that there isn’t a better option for shirts that just fit. But, second, my hope is that if we can demonstrate sufficient demand for these premium t-shirts, the print shop will be able to produce blank garments in larger quantities at the factory, and then pass the volume discounts on to consumers – like us. Hopefully a proper women’s cut tee will be commonplace one day, but until then I think it’s important that we vote with our dollars when we can.

What’s the money for?

The goal of this t-shirt sale and membership drive is raise the money needed to hire two part-time WTF employees to help carry some of the burden load. My plan is to bring on one writer/editor who can write the bulk of the daily update 1-2x per week for me (I’d move to more of an editor-in-chief role on those days), and one daily social media editor to handle all the operational tasks needed to ensure WTF reaches the widest audience as possible. I anticipate these two roles to cost, conservatively, about $3,000/mo. all-in.

The cost of running What The Fuck Just Happened Today isn’t free. It’s my full-time job and I’m determined to keep this ad-free and sustainable. I’ve outlined the cost of running WTFJHT in the FAQ, if you’re interested.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions – I’m here to help!

What are you waiting for? Get your WTF wear here.

Thanks! –MATT

ps – Don’t like t-shirts? Prefer to just contribute some money? Click here and invest in the continued production of WTF Just Happened Today by becoming a supporting member.

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