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WTF To help out Puerto Rico!

I found this the other day and wanted to share – this is a ‘unique’ action, but a little time can go a long way! Especially given that the situation in Puerto Rico has not been improving (thank you to the Jones Act) and I am also pretty sure that Trump has no idea that Puerto Rico is apart of America (or someone maybe just told him today).

Volunteer with CrowdRescueHQ
CrowdRescue started with Hurricane Harvey and support the relief effort with Irma and now Maria by making it easier for FEMA to help get aid to where it’s needed most.

From their website:

Be a hero in pajamas. Help us build a map of ground conditions to speed rescue and relief efforts. Just knowing what bridges are collapsed helps first responders move more quickly around the island.

When Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston, emergency dispatchers said: “Call for rescue. We aren’t checking Twitter.” Survivors, unable to get through to 911, did what came naturally - they turned to social media.

We saw their cries for help, and we answered. In one hour, we launched an interactive, live updated map so volunteer boat rescuers knew exactly where to go.

How to Get Started: it’s super easy! Just DM @CrowdRescueHQ on Twitter with your email address to get registered on Slack. From there, they have a great process of “on-boarding” new volunteers and getting you setup with the right team to help out!



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