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WTF To #KillTheBill!

While TrumpCare does appear to be dead with 3 NO votes, however we all know this bill is a ZOMBIE. We need to keep up the pressure until the final deadline at 9/30!
(Plus, we all know how Rand Paul can be & can switch in the blink of an eye.)

:ballot_box_with_check: For those in RED states: go to and you can get state-specific info & scripts to call or email the right people in your Senator’s office

:ballot_box_with_check: For those in BLUE states: use the Indivisible Guide’s peer-to-peer calling tool to reach constituents in key red states & connect them with their Senators.

(Also, for those in BLUE states - don’t forget to call/email/tweet your Senators to say THANK YOU!)


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