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Your Definition of Trump's Rock Bottom

Hello all, Amanda here. First, kudos and gratitude to Matt for all the hard work put in to this beachhead of sanity :blush:. I am an admin who has been fortunate enough to have found a great position in the twilight of a career spent in marketing and then in IT. A small-to-medium sized company where everybody gets along, the owner despises Trump, my boss loves him, so life is interesting yet respectful. Glad to be here!

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Following #45’s address to Boy Scouts at its Jamboree earlier in the week, the organization’s Chief Scout Executive Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh stated "I want to extend my sincere apologies to those in our Scouting family who were offended by the political rhetoric that was inserted into the jamboree… “That was never our intent.” In considering the apology (a very gracious action) I expressed to a couple of people that #45 has truly hit rock bottom. When asked why I thought this in particular represented Rock Bottom I said

“The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are synonymous with the values that America has represented for over 200 years. Someone who’s good to a fault is described as a ‘Boy Scout’. Just as what (#45) did was so abhorrent, the apology only amplifies his actions. Not that I think (#45) won’t duplicate the depths of his nasty contempt of this country and continue to display a complete lack of understanding on what true leadership should be, I just don’t think it can possibly be any lower.”

I seem to be in the minority among my local buds. Any thoughts on this? Can anyone suggest something that could happen or has happened that is lower than (as others have suggest) using a gathering of children to advance a political agenda?

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I’m hesitant to call anything the Trump administration does “rock bottom,” because so far they have exceeded all expectations in their ability to surprise at the depths to which they’ll go. :cry:


I tend to agree with @catone that the shock and awe will continue. Ironically, his “rock bottom” moment will come in the future and likely be less abhorrent than everything that came before – it’ll just be the final straw. That’s my take, anyway.


Good point, Tikoula. I’m sure he’s had no experience with the organization (either as a participant or parent of one). Once again, it’s not his fault, it’s everyone else’s for expecting to get something other than Despicable Him.

The boyscouts Pres is also CEO of AT&T and really wants that merger with time warner. Drumpf using kids is scummy af, but the guy who gave him the platform is even more gross to me bc he knew exactly what he was doing and slept just fucking fine that night.

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I agree about the Boy Scouts meandering talk but really, how could this organization have thought that 45 would stick to a prepared speech when he has NEVER done so before (except that one time for his House speech). Did they not realize that a deviate always deviates?

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This is pretty much where I stand. It’s there isn’t really a bottom, just a hole that drops into infinite darkness. It’s 「おーいでてこい」(“Hey! Come out!” a short-short by Hoshi Shinichi).

I just can’t decide if we’re at the beginning or the end.

Very true.