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🤮 Coronavirus (Community Thread)


lol I literally just read this thread about two minutes ago:

She mostly just says that there needs to be further study on this anyway, since we already have had the time and research to discover that community transmission is possible.

Moral of the story, wash your fucking hands ya filthy animals. :wink:


In one Italian town, we showed mass testing could eradicate the coronavirus

But in the last two weeks, a promising pilot study here has produced results that may be instructive for other countries trying to control coronavirus. Beginning on 6 March , along with researchers at the University of Padua and the Red Cross, we tested all residents of Vò, a town of 3,000 inhabitants near Venice – including those who did not have symptoms. This allowed us to quarantine people before they showed signs of infection and stop the further spread of coronavirus. In this way, we eradicated coronavirus in under 14 days.

While we believe **it is too late to enact this approach in a city** such as Milan, where infections are out of control, there could still be time to do this in the UK before the crisis gets even worse : the government could identify and isolate clusters, quarantine everyone affected, trace their recent contacts, and quarantine and isolate them, too – whether they had symptoms or not.

Our experiment came to be by chance. The Italian authorities had a strong emotional reaction to news of the country’s first death – which was in Vò. The whole town was put into quarantine and every inhabitant was tested. The tests were processed by us at the University of Padua. It became clear that this was a unique epidemiological setting – and an application was put in to keep the town in lockdown and run a second round of tests after nine days.

In the first round of testing, 89 people tested positive. In the second round, the number had dropped to six, who remained in isolation. In this way, we managed to eradicate coronavirus from Vò, achieving a 100% recovery rate for those previously infected while recording no further cases of transmission.

We made an interesting finding: at the time the first symptomatic case was diagnosed, a significant proportion of the population, about 3%, had already been infected – yet most of them were completely asymptomatic. Our study established a valuable principle: testing of all citizens, whether or not they have symptoms, provides a way to control this pandemic.

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Twitter is blowing up with hashtags related to Trump’s determination to sacrifice lives for the economy. He’s shown the nation where his priorities are, and I don’t think it’s going to go well for him.

Think Trump will get jealous?

Texas and Ohio Include Abortion as Medical Procedures That Must Be Delayed

The moves by the states set off a new front in the political fight over abortion during the coronavirus pandemic.


Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City shares information in a Mar. 22 Zoom call with family and friends on empowering and protecting families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch :point_down:

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Um, let’s see…how many of our DOCTORS (including Dr. Fauci) are 70 years old or older?
What a total :poop: Gov. D. Patrick is, & anyone else spouting this garbage. Not to mention that COVID-19 doesn’t respect arbitrary age cut-offs.

The REAL disease here is greed & power, it apparently eats out the heart & mind, leaving only an automaton programmed to follow trump, the “super-spreader”.


The high cost of care for COVID-19 for those WITH health insurance, and that an average cost for care is $72,000 has a huge impact in the cost of future premiums.

More spotlight on the unaffordable health care system in this country. Pelosi spoke today to try to protect ACA today now more than ever.

Severely ill coronavirus patients will generate such costly hospital bills that it could drive up insurance premiums by double digits for tens of millions of Americans next year.

That’s according to Peter Lee, director of California’s individual insurance marketplace, whose actuaries have estimated that medical care stemming from the virus could generate between $29 billion and $216 billion in hospital costs nationally for patients on employer-sponsored or individual market coverage, depending on the number of people ultimately infected.

The report out of California — which, like a half-dozen other states, is allowing people special permission to sign up for Affordable Care Act plans during the pandemic — underscores yet another economic ripple effect of the virus: It will spur large new health-care costs that many Americans will eventually feel.

While the vast majority of coronavirus patients will experience only mild symptoms, a subset of the infected will develop pneumonia or other respiratory trouble, requiring a hospital stay where they can have access to oxygen or a ventilator.

Actuaries for Covered California, the state’s ACA marketplace, estimated that patients hospitalized because of coronavirus would stay an average of 12 days, generating an average bill of $72,000.

A majority of these patients will be over age 65, so the federal Medicare program will pay their bills, which are typically around half or two-thirds of what commercial insurers pay. Low-income people on Medicaid will have coverage, too.

But the outlook is troubling for other Americans. If they are insured, they’ll mostly be covered after meeting their annual deductible, but they’ll still cause a boost in health-care spending that will make future premiums more expensive for everyone else.

And uninsured patients who require hospitalization will incur tens of thousands of dollars in costs.

They resurrected their frequent pre-coronavirus messaging about the Trump administration’s constant bombardment of the law, most specifically its position that the entire measure is unconstitutional and should be struck down by the courts. > Pelosi asked the administration to reverse its position on the ACA and to instead encourage the states still resisting Medicaid expansion to accept it.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “I’m calling on President Trump to abandon his lawsuit seeking to strike down the Affordable Care Act. Instead, the President should urge the 14 states that have refused to expand Medicaid to do so.”

The Hill (@thehill) March 24, 2020

and this statement from Family Kaiser Foundation - recognizing that ACA has been vital to the health of so many.

Larry Levitt, a senior vice president with the Kaiser Family Foundation:

Where we’d be in this public health crisis without the ACA:

About 20 million more people uninsured.

People with pre-existing conditions, at greatest risk for severe illness from COVID-19, locked out of individual insurance.

Annual and lifetime limits for many with insurance.

— Larry Levitt (@larry_levitt) March 23, 2020



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I couldn’t decide, humor or COVID-19 thread? :wink:

Hillary Clinton :heavy_check_mark: @HillaryClinton

Please do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse.


11:03 AM - Mar 24, 2020

Twitter Ads info and privacy

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Belongs under very dark humor…but still sucks like COVID-19 :woman_shrugging:

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Bill Gates says the US missed its chance to avoid coronavirus shutdown and businesses should stay closed

There has been a coronavirus outbreak aboard a deployed US Navy aircraft carrier

Teenager Dies From the Coronavirus in California

The victim is one of the youngest in the United States. “Covid-19 does not discriminate by age, race or income level,” the Los Angeles County health department said.


From 2015


Thermometer app is helping map the spread of illnesses

Tonight Rachel Maddow once again hosted a highly compelling show. One fascinating segment detailed the work of Kinsa Health which sells an app-connected thermometer. By anonymously aggregating data from the app, it can produce “heat maps” which may alert communities to possible outbreaks of illness in their area. The app is measuring only one specific thing: the temperature of the user, but even that one bit of data, when collected from a large number of users across the nation, can be very illuminating.

One thing it’s doing is helping to confirm that social distancing really does work to reduce the spread of illnesses. You’d might think “well that’s common sense,” but science demands supporting data before a theory can be elevated to a fact – and this app is helping with that.

It’s also pointing to anomalies that can serve as “red flags” to health providers and local officials responsible for making decisions about health policies. Right now, one of the anomalies appears to be covering much of the state of Florida – it’s showing more people with elevated temperatures than would normally be expected – taking into account the seasonal impact of the flu. Could this be an early warning sign that coronavirus is spreading in Florida? – or could it be some other factor, or even a problem with the data reporting? One of the shortcomings of Kinsa’s heat maps is that they currently don’t have as a large a data sample as they would like – so they caution about jumping to conclusions. But certainly you would think that officials in Florida would want to take a deep dive into what may be happening in their state.

When Maddow’s segment becomes available, I’ll post it. In the meantime, here’s a good article about what Kinsa is up to – it highlights the promising possibilities of their work, along with its current limitations. It has some good information, but reads a little like a press release so I’d take it with a grain of salt.

Kinsa Insights has long worked to improve real-time illness tracking with its flagship smart thermometer. Kinsa’s smart thermometers report users’ temperatures back to the company’s databases, and that data is then compiled into graphs and maps of fevers across the United States. In the past, this data has been used to accurately predict the spread of influenza across the country.

Now Kinsa has set its sight on the COVID-19 pandemic. By comparing current spikes in fever reporting to those typical of an area at a given time, Kinsa has created a map of “atypical” illness levels across the country. The resulting Health Weather Map presents a picture of abnormal numbers of fevers, which may be linked to localized outbreaks of COVID-19.

Kinsa notes — prominently, at the top of the map’s page — that this data does not represent COVID-19 activity. Rather, Kinsa hopes this data can be viewed alongside other indicators to show where and how COVID-19 is spreading.

Kinsa is right: live-tracking the spread of a novel virus like COVID-19 could prove invaluable in ending the pandemic. **But if the prospect of doing so sounds like a futuristic dream, that’s because it is. Between a shortage of the company’s smart thermometers and scattered, incomplete data, Kinsa’s Health Weather map is more a prototype for the future than a solution for the present.

Kinsa Health chart with data that supports the effectiveness of social distancing measures in two counties (from this tweet by Kinsa).

Today’s national “Health Weather Map” from Kinsa showing possible atypical temperature readings in Florida.

Note: If you go to Kinsa’s map page, you can display this version of the map by clicking on the “Atypical” button in the upper right corner.

Kinsa is very clear that its data collection and reporting has limitations. In other words, we should not jump to conclusions, but only use their data as a way of pointing to areas that may warrant additional research.


Is this just blind allegiance, religious calling or absolute insanity? Thx to a Jerry Fallwell Jr. Who just wants to 'see no evil" and have his students come flocking.

Liberty University let more than 1,000 students return to campus during the coronavirus outbreak - CNN

At a time when countless universities have sent students home, one university is reopening its doors.

About 1,900 students returned to Liberty University, a private evangelical Christian university, in Lynchburg, Virginia, a spokesman confirmed to CNN on Tuesday.

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. and other leaders discussed whether to extend spring break and “risk students having a longer time to become exposed to the virus,” the school said in a statement. It decided it was safer to bring the students back to campus.


Congress Reaches Deal on Coronavirus Stimulus Package

Apparently not actually passed yet, but a bipartisan deal has been struck.

White House and Senate leaders struck a major deal early Wednesday morning over a $2-trillion package to provide a jolt to an economy struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic, capping days of marathon negotiations that produced one of the most expensive and far-reaching measures in the history of Congress.

“Ladies and gentleman, we are done,” White House legislative affairs director Eric Ueland said right before 1 a.m. after leaving Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office following negotiations that have gone around the clock since last Friday. “We have a deal.”

McConnell was preparing to take to the floor to announce that a deal had been reached on the proposal.

The full details have yet to be released. But over the last 24 hours, the elements of the proposal have come into sharper focus, with $250 billion set aside for direct payments to individuals and families, $350 billion in small business loans, $250 billion in unemployment insurance benefits and $500 billion in loans for distressed companies.

The package, if it passes Congress, would be the most significant legislative action taken to address the rapidly intensifying coronavirus crisis, which is overwhelming hospitals and grinding much of the economy to a halt.

The plan will deliver a massive infusion of financial aid into a struggling economy hard hit by job loss, with provisions to help impacted American workers and families as well as small businesses and major industries including airlines.


And here is yet more stupidity on display:

A group of young adults held a coronavirus party in Kentucky to defy orders to socially distance. Now one of them has coronavirus

At least one person in Kentucky is infected after taking part at a “coronavirus party” with a group of young adults, Gov. Andy Beshear said Tuesday.

The partygoers intentionally got together “thinking they were invincible” and purposely defying state guidance to practice social distancing, Bashear said.

“This is one that makes me mad,” the governor said. “We have to be much better than that.”

While Covid-19 has been more deadly and severe for people older than 60 and those with underlying health issues in data from China, health officials and leaders around the country have been imploring millennials and other young people to practice social distancing, because even people who are infected but without symptoms can transmit it to other people.

In fact, recent modeling based on Chinese data shows that asymptomatic carriers of the virus may have been responsible for its initial rapid spread there.

And the virus seems to be affecting young people in the United States more than it has in China. A report released last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that up to 20% of people hospitalized with coronavirus in the United States are between the ages of 20 and 44.

“So far the demography definitely seems to be very different in the United States versus in other countries that saw this hit earlier,” US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said on NBC’s “Today” on Monday.

In New York state, more than half of coronavirus cases – 53% – have been among young people between the ages of 18 and 49, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday.


The bill is coming very close to vote…and more details on this potential passing of the bill - particularly that the Trump family will be blocked from receiving any funds. As well as the $500B in loans for businesses, that Mnunchin would distribute would be subjected to a review by Inspector General and a 5-person Congressional panel, as well as no stock buy-backs.

Glad there would be way more oversight on any play to serve R’s favored companies or GOP donors. No joke…stop the pay-for-play Federal funding of pet GOP prospects.

After complaints from Democrats, a $500 billion fund — $425 billion for the Federal Reserve to leverage for loans in order to help broad groups of distressed companies and $75 billion for industry-specific loans — will now have far stricter oversight, in the form of an inspector general and a 5-person panel appointed by Congress, lawmakers said. Companies that accept money must also agree to halt any stock buybacks for the length of the government assistance, plus an additional year.

Democrats also secured a provision that will block Trump family businesses — or those of other senior government officials — from receiving loan money under the programs, Mr. Schumer said in a letter to Democrats.

Both Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer, on separate calls laying out the deal for their Democratic colleagues, said they had secured $130 billion for hospitals, $55 billion more than originally agreed to, people familiar with the calls said, as well as $150 billion for state and local governments.

“Like all compromises, this bill is far from perfect,” Mr. Schumer said early Wednesday on the Senate floor. “But we believe the legislation has been improved significantly to warrant its quick consideration and passage.”

The agreement also includes $350 billion that would establish lending programs for small businesses, but only for those who keep their payrolls steady through the crisis. Small businesses that pledge to keep their workers would also receive cash-flow assistance structured as federally guaranteed loans. If the employer continued to pay its workers for the duration of the crisis, those loans would be forgiven.

Lawmakers in both chambers have also acknowledged that it is likely other legislative measures will be needed in the coming months to counter the consequences of the pandemic.


More evidence that Coronavirus is an equal opportunity disease, it’s everywhere.

LONDON (AP) — Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, has tested positive for the new coronavirus, his office said Wednesday.

The 71-year-old is showing mild symptoms of COVID-19 and is self-isolating at a royal estate in Scotland, his Clarence House office said.

It says his wife Camilla, 72, has tested negative.

The Prince of Wales has tested positive for Coronavirus,” Clarence House said. “He has been displaying mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health and has been working from home throughout the last few days as usual.’’

Britain’s Press Association, citing a source, said the prince and the duchess remained in good spirits, and that Charles was not bedridden.

The tests were carried out by the National Health Service in Scotland.

The Queen has moved to the country Windsor Palace away from central London.

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White House: We’re Going to Have to Let Some People Die So the Stock Market Can Live

“We’re gonna have to make some difficult trade-offs.”

Donald Trump Is Trying To Figure Out How Many Americans He Needs To Sacrifice To Keep The Economy Going

“The whole concept of death is terrible,” said the president. “But there’s a tremendous difference between one percent and four or five.”

Pastor again defies state order not to hold large gatherings. He says 1,000 people came to his church Sunday

India declares 21-day ‘total lockdown’ as coronavirus cases rise

Africa coronavirus cases over 2,000 as South Africa rushes into lockdown

Coronavirus adds peril to the already at-risk: ‘If I get this stuff, it’s going to kill me.’

The Deafness Before the Storm

Trump’s revenge on New York City continues.

Trump to New York: Drop Dead

Untold thousands will likely die, absent federal intervention. And it needs to happen this instant. Why won’t the president help?

Schumer blocks Trump from bailing out his hotels:

An Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Is Already Being Tested on People

But it still won’t be widely available for at least a year

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Trump wants ‘packed churches’ and economy open again on Easter despite the deadly threat of coronavirus

(David Bythewood) #457

Trump’s love of revenge is about to cause a lot of death.

They Say Coronavirus Isn’t Airborne—but It’s Definitely Borne By Air

The word “airborne” means different things to different scientists, and that confusion needs to be addressed.

If you’ve never read World War Z (the book is a far cry from the dreck-filled movie), replace “zombie apocalypse” with “global pandemic” and they’re not that much different, as their author could tell you.

‘All Of This Panic Could Have Been Prevented’: Author Max Brooks On COVID-19

Vir Biotechnology reports early progress in antibody treatment for Covid-19