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1/ More than 1 million people have died from the coronavirus worldwide in less than nine months — a figure that is almost certainly an undercount. With more than 200,000 deaths, the U.S. leads the global death toll, followed by Brazil at 142,000, and India at 95,500. The director general of the World Health Organization said the 1 million COVID-19 deaths marked a “difficult moment for the world,” urging countries to “bridge national boundaries” to fight back against the virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci, meanwhile, said that Florida’s move to reopen all bars and restaurants was “very concerning.” (CNN / NBC News / Washington Post / The Guardian / New York Times / BuzzFeed News)

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:ballot_box: How To Vote In The 2020 Election In Every State.


Should we do a debate watch thread tonight? I’d be happy to set it up? I figure we could leave it stand alone after close and just link it into the main thread via cross-posting.


Sure! I’m unfortunately going to be in a car for most of it, but I don’t think that precludes anyone from setting up a thread. I say go for it!

(if you set it up pretty soon, i’ll include it in today’s newsletter)

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:boom: it is done


Kentucky attorney general says he did not present homicide charges to grand jury in Breonna Taylor case

This seems to come after one of the jurors in that incident had issues with the proceedings.


What the actual living fuck?!


Seconded. The Gavin Newsome news is amazing. The fact that apparently they never even brought UP charging those three officers with murder is mind-boggling.


QAnon Is Attracting Cops

Armed, empowered—and enthralled with a deadly conspiracy.

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