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Day 235

1/ Bannon called Trump's firing of Comey the biggest mistake "in modern political history." In an online-only segment from a sweeping "60 Minutes" interview, the Breitbart chairman claimed that if Comey was still in place, "we would not have a special counsel." Bannon, who is plotting several GOP primaries, also criticized the "pearl-clutching mainstream media," Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell. (CBS News / New York Times / Washington Post)

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I couldn’t stop laughing at this one.

…ever. in history.


Dear Clay: My understanding is that McGahan is not “Trump’s lawyer”, but that he is the lawyer representing the Presidency, not Trump’s person or personal interests. Thus he has obligations when Trump does things that are inimical to the Presidency. Trump no doubt would disagree.

Trump hires only the best people. :wink:


@bobby McGahan’s official title is Assistant to the President and Counsel to the President.

Historically, as the White House’s conscience, counsel’s office provides a focal point for managing ethics and compliance issues and vetting personnel throughout the Executive Office of the President (EOP).