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Day 378


Happy Memo Day everybody, do you think the White House will actually release it?

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Sounds like an un-redacted one

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@matt I just read the newsletter. What kind of chair do you have? If it’s a desk chair that needs to be replaced you should get an Herman Miller Aeron chair, it’s not the prettiest chair but it’s very ergonomic and it has a great resale value. Here’s one I found for sale on Craigslist, just north of seattle, it’s an awesome deal!


Could you possibly be sitting on a goat? because that’s what it sounds like!

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Now, we’re trade marking The Memo™?? That’s a hoot! Trademarking is supposed to protect intellectual property. We already know there are at least 2, the one that was presented in the Senate and the one that went to the WH. And it’s anything but intellectual. Lord knows what he’ll actually put out there later today.

It seems as if our government is all set to officially enter “the” constitutional crisis. There’s a Jewish tradition when somebody you care about has died. You either rip a piece of clothing or take a black ribbon and rip it and attach it to your clothes.

When the patriarch Jacob believed his son Joseph was dead, he tore his garments (Genesis 37:34). Likewise, in II Samuel 1:11 we are told that King David and all the men with him took hold of their clothes and rent them upon hearing of the death of Saul and Jonathan. Job, too, in grieving for his children, stood up and rent his clothes (Job 1:20). (The Basics of Kriah, or Tearing a Piece of Clothing retrieved from The Basics of Kriah, or Tearing a Piece of Clothing | My Jewish Learning (2018))).

In the absence of any other symbolic gesture, I’m thinking seriously of obtaining one of these and to immediately start wearing one to show my profound grief for our constitution and our government, and possibly, our democracy. I can purchase them rather cheaply (about $1.00 for the ribbon and shipping each). They come in one piece and you rip them as follows

I would have to order a minimum of a dozen. Would anybody else be interested in grieving publicly this way?

I can’t begin to express how disgusted, worried, and depressed I am tonight/this morning. @mouseam and others. Please continue to find reasons to smile, despite the fact that we’re watching all the principles of our government self destruct before our very eyes. I need those right now.

I lived through Watergate. I never thought I would see a repeat of that again. But here we are. History does, indeed, repeat itself.

Do let me know if there is interest in the mourning ribbons. You can either respond to me in this thread, or privately.

I,ll take a red white and blue victory ribbon please! MAGA!

I don’t trust the person/people behind the memo. I don’t trust that the content reflects the true nature of the problem. I’ve been given no concrete reasons not to trust the FBI. I have plenty of reasons not to trust Trump or his henchmen. The manner in which Nunes has covertly written this report without bringing in the other members of his committee all smacks of unethical, immoral, self-serving behavior. So yes, I am sad. And yes, I am grieving for the country I used to live in and the government I used to respect. I wish I could say I’m proud to be an American right now, but to be honest, I’m embarrassed.


More attacks on the press today, with bonus shade being thrown at the resistance movement.

Might be noteworthy for tomorrow’s day 379 roundup, @matt?

#MYPRESIDENT did not, and has never jeopardized free speech or the 1st amendment. Anybody who thinks like that is ignorant. Free speech has nothing to do with hosting any given news agency in any given event. You and I and all the liberal media are completely free to go stand on the street corner and proclaim our approval or disapproval of our elected leaders. That is free speech

I understand your claim of the so called president for a jingoist resides in my neighborhood. My question, (confusion), would be as to wether you chose to elect an individual who in front of millions of Americans smugly proclaimed, “that makes me smart” when confronted with not paying taxes for 18 years. You see I proudly pay my taxes, that is how I support the men and women who volunteered to defend this country, (no need to thank me)


It was a joke


Constant attacks on the press, JAQing about getting broadcaster licenses revoked, C&D in an attempt to prevent Fire & Fury from being published, proclaiming “fake news” at any critical coverage.

He has been nothing if consistent in his efforts to undermine the press.

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I suspected as much which is why I said “that’s a hoot.” I just wanted you to know that it hadn’t gone unnoticed. I really did get a kick out of it. :grin:

Here’s the un-redacted copy.

Courtesy of the New Yorker :rofl:


Relevant story is relevant:

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All signs seem to be pointing to them releasing it, sadly. :see_no_evil:

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Which version? :yum:

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Why so sad? Clearly it is time to clean up the FBI