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Updated 2/27/2018 9:21 AM PST

1/ Trump tapped Brad Parscale to manage his 2020 presidential re-election campaign. Parscale was the digital director for Trump's the 2016 campaign. Trump filed a letter of intent to run for re-election with the FCC on January 20th, 2017 – the day he took office. (CNBC / Reuters)

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“The contract was terminated last week because the Trumps were unhappy with the news reports about the contract.”

More like…they terminated her because they got caught in another skimming money scheme…just too jaded to believe otherwise at this point…


Clearly I need to rewrite this:

Melania Trump parted ways with her friend and senior adviser after news that her adviser’s firm earned $26 million for planning a Trump inauguration event. (Nepotism much?) The contract that was terminated was her employment in the office of the first lady.


Good point. They would already have known the money she received, and wouldn’t have paid it if it was unreasonable.

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True…maybe they split the pay out lol

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That Russian Hacking Thing… An Bridged Timeline.

1/ Russian-linked hackers targeted election-related computer systems in 21 states. Systems involved in vote counting were not affected. The hackers appeared to be scanning for vulnerabilities. In May, it was reported that Russian hackers had hit election systems in 39 states, accessing software used by poll workers on Election Day. The Russian military intelligence executed a cyberattack on at least one US voting software supplier last year, sending spear-phishing emails to more than 100 local election officials days before the election. (6/21/17)

2/ Homeland Security notified 21 states that they had been targeted by Russian government hackers during the 2016 election campaign. Hackers penetrated computer systems in a handful of states, but there is no evidence that hackers tampered with voting machines. DHS left it to individual states to decide whether to publicly acknowledge if they had been targeted, but officials confirmed that Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington were among the states targeted. (9/25/17)

3/ Russian hackers penetrated voter registration rolls in several U.S. states before the 2016 presidential election. A Homeland Security Department official said that of the 21 states that were targeted, a “small number” were successfully penetrated. Officials maintain that there is no evidence that voter rolls were altered. (2/8/18)

4/ Russian operatives “compromised” election systems seven states prior to 2016 election, from hacking state websites to penetrating voter registration databases, according to a top-secret intelligence reported requested by Obama during his last weeks in office. Three senior intelligence officials said the intelligence community believed the states were Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas, and Wisconsin. Several of those states were notified that foreign entities were probing their systems, but none were told the Russian government was behind it. (2/27/18)

The full Trump-Russia timeline can be found here.


This is either very interesting or just salacious.

My question for today (anyone?): do we really believe that pulling Kushner’s security clearance will actually make a difference in the handling of top secret intel that he’s not allowed to access? What I’m saying is that with trump & co, rules have never mattered…what’s to keep trump or Ivanka from filling in Kushner on that which he’s otherwise not allowed to see? I have to wonder, as they continue to say he’ll still be able to do his job, which is ridiculous in any normal world where rules are respected. Who is going to stop him (or the rest of this shit-show) from doing whatever they please? There’s no real enforcement until they are all locked up. :scream: And why does Ivanka still have a clearance?

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Jeez…I would imagine Ivanka and Jared’s pillow talk is probably nothing more than an exchange of what they each learned on any given day. (Thinking about anything beyond that really makes me ill and I’m actually not a prude). I’m sure they’ll find something for Jared to do - maybe make him Ambassador to Israel? He can deal with the transition of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the growing antagonism towards the corrupt Netenyahu, not to mention that any chances of ever finding some kind of resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is dead in the water for now. However, I’m not sure that the Orthodox faction in Israel would be too respectful of Jared’s modern Orthodox approach to Judaism. That’s an American convention and not very popular among Israelis who follow Orthodoxy to the letter. But it might be amusing to watch him try to juggle it all.


I have an obvious question about Hick’s testimony. If what I read and hear, she told’little white lies’ to protect Trump. She did not answer questions because she was told not to by Trump and his minions. I am not a lawyer, but is not telling the truth in a government position more than ‘a bit’ wrong? As for myself telling my wife that I ate a donut three weeks ago and told her I did not - and a government employee lying that Trump did not tell the truth, is just a LITTE bit different. And I have to believe that Trump and minions telling Hicks not to answer because Trump said not to - is obstruction of justice into itself. And why will the Republicans not subpoena her to tell the truth?

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He cannot access top secret materials without clearance. Even Kelly understands that. Should it be found that he has, I believe there are legal remedies to remove him. I further believe that his business dealings are going to catch up to him. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Nepotism has been discussed for a year and a half. Now Trump has a family matter on his hands as well as the possibility that he and Kushner could break the law.

I’m pretty sure that your assumption (& that of many others including the media) is incorrect: Hicks was already interviewed by Mueller, and if she cut a deal to stay out of prison (-which is very likely!) then just like Bannon, she is non-responsive to the committee on some issues for good reason: she is protecting the testimony she already gave to Mueller, because the committee she just withheld testimony from is being controlled by some who would report back to trump: they dearly want to know what’s been said, what’s coming, so they can prepare their lies, er, “defense”.
Things are not always what they seem, ya? :wink:

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:rofl::sweat_smile::rofl::sweat_smile::rofl: You’re killing me today, you know that?

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And there are Presidential pardons to ensure he’s not prosecuted. I wasn’t being cute when I mentioned pillow talk. I would imagine that there’s a lot discussed at the Kushner residence that is probably classified. I would bet money that Ivanka is not going to stop talking to her husband just because the paperwork didn’t go through. And how would we know, anyhow…unless Obama also had their home wired? :smile: Nothing’s going to happen to Jared; the media may be further shielded from what he’s up to so as to keep up appearances, but knowing this WH, I doubt much will change, clearance or no clearance.

Jared: “Oh…General Kelly, sir. I have no idea how that document ended up in my In Box. My bad for reading it” :blush:.:innocent:
Kelly: “Bad son-in-law. Bad, bad!” :weary:

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I am glad you got a good feeling from my opinion. You have to assume that Hicks told the truth to Meuller. I truly believe that most of the people who have testified-have at best, not told the whole truth. We have heard many of the minions say they would ’ do anything ’ to protect Trump. Lying would be nothing new. If Hicks told lies to the committee-she would have no trouble telling ‘little white lies’ to anyone. With the holes in this White House, someone will come forward to inform the press or investigators what is really true. Please remember all of the White House people who lied for Nixon-and went to jail, were disbarred or left to wander in infamy. Nixon did not step up to help them, nor will Trump. I believe anyone associated with Trump will go down. Trump will still have his business and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Actually, if (when) they prove that his financial gains are the result of breaking the laws, he won’t. :grin:
It’s Mueller-time. There is a whole lot going on, in terms of charges, at the state level too…watch & see.

And don’t forget, trump can’t even hire the best attorneys any more…because he’s stiffed so many out of their money they no longer care to work for him. LOL!

I also don’t believe he’s as well-off as he pretends…he’s mortgaged to the hilt, & he doesn’t want his taxes looked at in part because that will expose the fact that “the emperor has no clothes” (is broke)!
He’s all “hot air”- promising charitable donations but either they don’t happen, or they happen only with someone else’s money. Totally fake, the whole gang.

The real beauty of having SO many suspects to work with is none of them can be sure of what the others said, much less all the other evidence that Mueller & his extensive team has uncovered. I’m betting it’s plenty. Do you really think that anyone in the FBI would be shocked to find someone lying to them? They eat that for breakfast…and it adds another charge (lying to the FBI).

Yes, many a minion says they’ll do anything to protect trump…but when it comes down to prison, they seem to change their minds, especially when trump treats them like crap on his shoe.

I really do hope that somebody is keeping track of all of it and recording it somewhere. Where are Woodward and Bernstein when we need them? I look forward to the Trump version of “All the President’s Men”. It should be a fascinating read.

Lynn: Like I’ve said before, Mueller will be the saviour.
Rich people have the right people to ensure he remains rich - just might be living in Russia(?)
Trump does not and never has had a living brain cell. BUT, he can pay for the best to make all of the best decisions-then he claims how smart he is.
If this idiot has a 152 IQ (as he has stated multiple times and actually believes) then I have a 200! (I know that I don’t)

I think that is what bothers me the most-and anyone else who thinks for themselves. There is no way to put that much faith in a normal person-let alone Trump. He just uses you up and throws you away. Why, if you dad to pick anyone, would you lie for Trump???