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Updated 2/28/2018 9:00 AM PST

1/ ICE arrested more than 150 suspected undocumented immigrants in the Bay Area, two days after Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf publicly warned of imminent ICE raids in Northern California. ICE Deputy Director Thomas Homan called Schaaf's decision "reckless" and that "864 criminal aliens and public safety threats remain at large." Schaaf said she didn't regret sharing the information, calling it her "ethical obligation" and that "It is Oakland's legal right to be a sanctuary city and we have not broken any laws. We believe our community is safer when families stay together." (The Mercury News / Washington Post)

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Not national news but what the actual fuck?! :flushed:

Check out the bullet crowns👇

Looks as if Trump has it in for Sessions again:

One of these days, he’s going to attack a member of his team who will really turn on him. It’s as if he has a death wish of sorts. He’s just tempting fate. It’s interesting to ponder who’s going to be the one to say “enough already!” first.

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Can’t prove it yet, but I’m pretty sure that Hope Hicks is just the latest who has cut a deal with Mueller to stay out of prison. It’s torture waiting for the “rest of the story” but there’s good indications that is the truth…it’s just slow-going, as Mueller & team is professional & thorough…they have to be.

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I’m no fan of Sessions either & honestly don’t feel sorry for anyone who has taken up with trump. “All the best people” :roll_eyes: that trump has chosen are all pretty flawed, & that’s what he counts on for their loyalty. Just like a crime boss… And Sessions is quite the racist, he is loving a chance to push his nasty agenda while serving under trump. I think it’s actually healthy that trump excoriates his staff publicly, so that people can see just how nasty he really is and they’ll have no excuse to pretend they didn’t know.

And remember that Sessions might already have cooperated with Mueller, and will get the “last laugh” eventually…who knows? Look how long before we found out some other things…Mueller only leaks what he wants people to know…it’s always for a good reason (like flipping the next witness).

If former trump staffers are having trouble getting jobs it’s their own fault: they flagrantly displayed their dishonesty & corruption. Besides, I have to wonder if trump can even compose a letter of recommendation: for someone with “all the best words” he comes off as illiterate. The best they can hope for is a tweet of recommendation, lol.

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Or they can do the late night talk show circuit like Scaramucci. He was actually entertaining in a few of those appearances.

Yes, and I think there will be more “tell-all” books coming out too. They’ll have to play their flash-in-the-pan fame for all it’s worth while they can. But mainstream “honest” employers might be hard to find…

Sessions has quickly responded on this today, so there’s hope. Nothing I’d enjoy more than for someone to really give trump the tongue-lashing he deserves, but we’ll have to wait for that.

Choked me up & eyes leaking…couldn’t hurt to send Young the video? I would.

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Just remember that a good prosecutor doesn’t ask a question when he doesn’t already know the answer.
That we are reading this now suggests to me that Mueller is “setting the table” for the trump interview…
he wants this out there for the “squirm” factor.

The more we learn, the more I doubt this anecdote from the NY Times.

Up until this came out, I firmly believe that while Sessions may be an extremely hateful person, I never thought he was corrupt - there is a very distinct difference. The “one-negative-news-article-per-day” story obviously directly contradicts that, but I’m beginning to doubt it’s validity. Now it’s not to say that some variation of this didn’t exist (i.e. it might be that Trump wanted Sessions to do that, etc.).

Sessions’ reaction to Trump’s latest attacks today, I think continues to add to this argument.


Hitler’s gun control policy was to specifically disarm Jews, ie disqualify them from gun ownership. This is not unlike America’s policies which disqualify African Americans from gun ownership, by turning drug-holders into felons.

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There are some pretty amazing protests happening right now in San Francisco - check out #ICEoutofCA on Twitter.

Hear, hear, Amy.

Hitler took everything. He destroyed all of their books, took their livelihood by declaring a boycott on businesses run by Jews, denied their civil rights by ordering the police and courts not to protect them. He took away the right to take exams which would qualify them as doctors or lawyers, or to serve in the military, He denied them the right to vote, to receive benefit payments, to enjoy public parks, to have electrical equipment , bicycles or typewriters, to complete their University educations, to go to the movies, the theater, beaches, to have their own names (women had to add Sarah to their names and men had to add Israel). He destroyed their synagogues, removed children from day schools, confiscated radios and telephones. He imposed a curfew on them, flagged their passports, forced them to wear a yellow star of David and forbade them to have dogs, cats or birds. Finally, he deprived them of eggs and milk, any warm coats, and their lives. I’m not sure at what point he forbade them to own guns, but it seems to gets lost among all of the other losses.

I look at Trump’s administration and what they’re doing. They’re pulling back on research grants, financial support for students who want a college degree, environmental regulations, trade regulations, net neutrality - again, items we have taken for granted but which afford us a certain amount of confidence in the future of mankind. They lack common decency standards when it comes to any gender identification except traditional males, most non-white races and a lot of religions. It seems as if the only thing they encourage may be gun ownership at this point and while that may seem like a right we are entitled to, there are quite a few more that I’d rather have (insert Preamble and Amendment 1). Courtesy, decency, and most of all, respect, seem to be the exception and not the norm. And honesty? I’m not sure anybody in Trump’s administration understands that concept. If allowed to remain in office long enough, I’m sure some of those other privileges would disappear. The man places no value on the arts or on literature. As I wrote elsewhere, he seems to be promoting de-evolution (yes, there is such a term).

I have nothing but pure hatred towards Hitler and the Nazis, but at least among their own, they still showed civility and respect. They valued the arts. Hitler, himself was well read. I cannot think of anything redeeming about Trump.

Reference: anecdotal from Holocaust survivors I’ve met, Anti-Jewish decrees

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Trump is WTF Just Happened Today’s muse.

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Well said!

As CNN likes to say…In breaking news, Hope Hicks resigns!!

A deal with Mueller certainly doesn’t sound that outlandish at this point.

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