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Updated 3/13/2018 8:36 AM PDT

1/ Trump fired Rex Tillerson. CIA Director Mike Pompeo will replace Tillerson as Secretary of State. Trump asked Tillerson to step aside last Friday. Gina Haspel, deputy director of the CIA, will replace Pompeo as the head of the CIA, if confirmed. A spokesman said Tillerson "had every intention of staying" in his job and was "unaware of the reason" for his firing. Trump said the move had been considered for "a long time" and that "we were not thinking the same." (Washington Post / New York Times)

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The Catch 22 with the Stormy Daniels situation is delightful. Either he takes the money, confirming the NDA was issued, or he gets lambasted with the money he offered in the first place. Wonderful.


I wonder if Gina Haspel still has a warrant out for her arrest? Could complicate things a bit… this lady is no good, she was ran a “black site” for the CIA out of Thailand that used advanced interrogation techniques. She may be a literal war criminal.
:joy::joy::joy: This cabinet is so crazy!

The ACLU put out a statement this morning when they heard the news of her nomination.


nice finds

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A friend in the State Department is no more thrilled with Pompeo than with Tillerson.

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So, since Trump now apparently implicitly trusts the conclusions of House investigations, that means he’s going to stop bringing up Hilary Clinton every 15 minutes, right? … Right?



Feel like it probably needs to be qualified: Pompeo & Haspel still need to be confirmed by the Senate, so there could still be a bumpy road ahead.


It appears he wants to drag this out as long as he can? Either way, he’s hosed.

It’s sad to think that this appointment is not really surprising at all. Trump has no problem with torture. He hired Paul Manafort knowing full well that he had made his fortune leading “The Torturers’ Lobby.” Here’s a well-researched article from 2016 listing some of the heinous torturers Manafort represented throughout his career. These were all on public record at the time Trump hired Manafort as his Campaign Manager.


Tillerson makes this statement and hours later is fired by Trump. Very telling. Trump acts to defend Putin once again.


And didn’t Tillerson also acknowledge recently that Russia did in fact meddle in our election…surely that began his downfall from trump’s good graces? While I’m no fan of Tillerson, at the very least he had more honesty (with a shred of decency thrown in) than his boss.


On a lighter note:
Trump invents the Space Force, yea that happened. :smirk:

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This death is currently “unexplained” and has not been linked to the recent Salisbury poisonings. However, I can’t help wondering if someone’s trying to send a message to anyone who’s thinking of betraying Mother Russia. That message might extend beyond the UK to several individuals currently under indictment for possible Russia-related crimes here in the US.

And this is actually looking more sinister by the minute. From the BBC:


You bet it is! and I strongly suspect that applies to trumpy-bear too. I’ve been well-aware for some time of a double-digit list of “unusual deaths” (aka murders) of Russians from another source…I wish I could say this surprises me, but Putin likes to make sure that everyone [relevant] knows he can “reach them” no matter where they are. Super-creepy guy that our POTUS would like to emulate…

So wtf Robert Mueller? You were just about to put Trump under oath…then nothing. It’s just over? I just can’t help but to think the meeting went something like this…*slides a peice of paper with $$ on it over to Mueller. Done.

trust the process


You don’t understand Mueller if that’s what you think, lol… :wink:

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Septguy, what’s with your link?