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Updated 3/14/2018 9:28 AM PDT

1/ Students from more than 3,000 schools are walking out today to demand stricter gun regulation, including bans on assault weapons and expanded background checks. The National School Walkout started at 10 a.m. ET and will continue across the country at 10 a.m. in each time zone, sparked by last month's school shooting in Florida. The protests will last for 17 minutes to honor each of the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School one month ago. Some school districts have said they will discipline students who participate in the walkouts. "Change never happens without backlash," Pope High School senior Kara Litwin said. "This is a movement, this is not simply a moment, and this is only the first step in our long process." (NPR / CNN / USA Today / New York Times)

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When the “teachers with guns” initiative was announced – it was obvious that it would only be a matter of time before it resulted in some form of negative outcome.

Just – didn’t expect it to be this soon.

(Thank goodness no one was seriously injured.)


Rumor is that Saccone will probably run in the new PA-14 district. Lamb will likely run in the new PA-17 district against a GOP incumbent. They have like a week to file tho, in order to run in November!

Adding source – Vaughn Hillyard from NBC:

Smaller, but bizarre finding in that HuffPost poll:

Some Trump supporters say the whole story is fake news: Only 20 percent say they find reports of the payment credible, while a mere 11 percent give credence to Daniels’ claim about the affair. Forty percent or more say they haven’t heard enough to weigh in on either question, or that they’re unsure about the allegations.

Cohen. Openly. Admits. To. Paying. Stormy. $130k.

WTF?! It doesn’t get more straight forward than that.


To deny someone their pension like this is cruel. Dick move Mr. President.


How can we tell the difference between a “shake-up” and the rolling, daily chaos of this administration?


Excellent, thoroughly-researched article about recent departures, expected departures, and all the unqualified, incompetent, and downright scary replacements. It might be convenient for Fox News to simply set up a broadcasting studio inside the White House so Trump can watch “live” – then he doesn’t need to hassle with a remote.


Dick moves are basically Trump’s MO for his entire life.


Indeed. The big difference now is the positions he’s “shaking up” require confirmation and even with a friendly Congress I don’t see his picks being confirmed as a forgone conclusion. Obstruct away, Dems!

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If this happens there would be a fund raising effort for legal fees for him to sue the Justice Dept.

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My thought as well…

As if things weren’t bewildering enough, we now the real prospect of John Bolton having a senior role in this administration. The world should be scared.



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Someone could produce a video with Trump and Stormy and his supporters wouldn’t care.


So much for “human intelligence”. :expressionless:

Confirmation bias is a funny thing…


Unfortunately, there is always a price to pay for civil disobedience. This generation of activists will have to learn this as well, sadly. It is unfortunate, though - criminal, really - that their efforts to promote safe schools is resulting in punitive measures. Its hard to be right.


These last few weeks remind me of last summer when Priebus was ousted and that kicked off an entire shake up of the White House Office staff. Now Trump has moved on to shaking up the entire executive branch of government. This is not going to be easy or smooth for him. What a fucking moron. :smirk:


Agreed. I believe this is the second or third incident since that proposal was floated…

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