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Day 426

Sounds like there’s a lack of candor in Washington with all the investigations, wonder if there’s a pill for that?

There is…several kinds actually, just ask Russia.

On leaks: remember how Nixon was brought down. Leaks are just whistleblowers with insider info into Trump’s craziness. Without them, we wouldn’t even be having these discussions. They are the WH police force right now. Be thankful we have them!


Yeah, no. That’s not how it works…


What is up? Trump wants a parade -but when hundreds of thousands show up in Washington-he is golfing in Florida!?! He could have had a ‘march-by’ and not even had to bother the military!
ALSO: when a slime ball like Digenova doesn’t want to join Trump …

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That was a good read by CNN- interesting! If everything WH staff want the President to hear must be broadcasted on Fox and Fiends that is SAD.

Now let me get this right: Kelly is pissed at someone in the WH leaking Trump’s contact with Putin - which actually happened - but sides with him every time he lies.
The morality of this whole presidency is casting a shadow to every young mind listening to news and their elders. When I watch Fox Entertainment News, it is very hard for me to understand how anyone can abide the crap that flows there. Evan their business station is filled with vile, untrue information.
What is to become of this? How long will it take to get America back?

Amy, thanks for sharing the article about how House Republicans think an annual income of $450,000 is somehow “middle class.” (I meant to reply to your post, but somehow wound up replying in the main thread.) All I can say is OMG. We need to get the word out about how abysmally out of touch congressional Republicans are with average Americans. Stories like this help confirm that Republicans are in office solely to line the pockets of the wealthy (their true constituency), not provide economic opportunities for the middle class (their pretend constituency). This reminds me of when Trump’s economic advisor, Gary Cohn, said that with $1000 a family “can renovate their kitchen, they can buy a new car…” You’d think an economist would know what $1000 can buy!


Maybe they are selectively citing this:

It’s one specific survey where Palo Alto, CA residents (in the heart of Silicon Valley) households that have incomes in the 400k range self-identify as middle class. This is in large part due to the insane costs of living in that area.

In most of the country you’d be pretty well off with that kind of income.

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Reminds me of someone else (who was really in tune) that said “let them eat cake”. :roll_eyes: